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Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Things That Go Crunch

That was the title of the scenario that Simon had dreamed up for our game of Gruntz last night.

The background:

NSL Exploratory Station Wolfgang had suddenly gone offline 4 weeks ago. A routine resupply vessel landed there 2 weeks ago and had also not been heard from since. Frau Hauptmann Pfeiffer has been tasked to lead an investigatory mission to find out what had happened and to recover the data core from the station. Leading her elite grenadier troop, she landed just outside the station perimeter and found...

.."Xenos Ma'am, farsands of 'em!"

The station was overrun with big and small bugs. Simon also had 6 spawning points and every turn another big bug or pack of drones would appear at one of them.

None in this pic - a pack of drones wiped out by heavy firepower and some good old HE

But another pack took out one NSL squad in a close assault...

Oh crap - huge bugs with huge bioweapons! But my commander has rushed to the station to download the data core

Another pack of drones almost obliterated

and another
The problem with games like this is that you get so engrossed that you forget to take pics. By this time, my commander was dead, as were her two bodyguards who had retrieved the data and made it to the VTOL pad only to be wiped out by a giant bug.

The dead pile

About to be dead #1

About to be dead #2

About to be dead #3
"Frau Hauptman Pfeiffer ist tot. Unser zug ist tot. Nuke! Nuke! Nuke!"

With hindsight, taking a platoon of power armour troops, mainly specialists and no vehicles wasn't the wisest choice, but it made for a fun game. Equipping them with full-auto capable SAWs, grenade launchers and heavy missiles was a good idea; having some with plasma rifles wasn't such a good idea. Besides, it was about time Simon won against me.

Purchasing Update:
1) The Warbases order came today. I'll be taking them to work to hit with texture spray during my lunchbreaks.
2) I got a red card of frustration today as well. I think it's the foam trays and Litko bits I ordered from Figures in Comfort. I'll be collecting it on the way home tomorrow.
3) I've placed an order with GZG for some more 6mm turrets and a couple of their 25mm figures to see how they work with the Hotwheels size cars.
4) I've also ordered some machine guns and bits from Sgts Mess.

Workbench Update:
This evening I've drilled the rivets out of the four Fast 4WD cars and the four black ones that I bought on Saturday. The metal bodies are in the stripping pot at the moment. I'm hoping to get them stripped, modded and primed before the weekend so that I have plenty of time on Saturday and Sunday to do the painting. That will give me three sets of four matched vehicles for Car Wars "Amateur Night" or Divisional events.


  1. That sounds like a really fun game despite the piles of dead!

  2. Cracking little game and an impressive shopping list too!

  3. That's a serious bug problem you've got there but an fun sounding game.

  4. Looked like a fun game. I think all bug hunts should end with a nuke strike from orbit, just to be sure. I'm also liking the cars you're making.

  5. Nice game report Frau Hauptmann Pfeiffer. Maybe next time try some Bug Spray aka Flamethrower

  6. @ Anne - it was a fun game with plenty of deadness :)

    @ Michael A - oh yes, oh yes indeed (to both) :)

    @ Robert - yup, those bugs were pretty serious even if the players weren't! :)

    @ Sean - it's the only way to be sure :)
    The cars are coming along nicely thanks :)

    @ Markus - thanks! I might just try for vehicle-mounted flamethrowers next time :)


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