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Saturday, 27 June 2015

Saturday Workbench

Yes, yes, yes - I've been rather quiet this week, but I have got some bits done today.

First up is some more work on the magnetic notice board arena for 1X Car Wars. This got a thin wash of black today. I went heavier in some patches than others. Tomorrow I'll be doing some ground markings and then some dry-brushing. For the ground markings I might have to make up some stencils. Or I might forget them and just do the dry-brushing.

And the other bits on the workbench. This pick-up truck will be the last car for a little while as I really must finish off some of my historical figures. And the Crusties spaceships. I'll get this mostly painted tomorrow, but I probably won't finish it until Monday night.

Also in the pic is the base of Bulgar cavalry where one of them lost his spear at Campaign. I've now glued an axe in the hand and primed it. Painting that axe shouldn't take too long, but is made a little awkward by the cramped space!

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