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Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Some WIPs

What lovely warm and sunny weather we're having right now in the UK. Well, I say "lovely" but as a redhead going out in the sun is always a gamble - I could be OK for several hours or I could turn "thermidore" in 30 seconds flat. So far I've been lucky. The temperature also makes painting difficult - a combination of lethargy and paint drying too quickly.

Still, I did manage to get a bit done last night. The Bulgar who mislaid his spear has had his replacement axe painted:

And I've started on the last of the 6mm ACW Union infantry.

There's another batch identical to this and a similar batch of Zouaves. I'll paint them up then do the basing together. Painting will be gradual over the next week or two.

And I may have adopted another pair of homeless Hotwheels cars:


  1. Those hotwheels cars will look great. Nice work on the Bulgars great idea to add an axe in.

  2. You always amaze me by how much you manage to get done.

  3. Good progress there. I know what you mean about the sun, I can't go out for long without feeling ill. Got up at 5am so I could get some work done before it got too hot!


  4. I like the two hotwheelz I am sure they will serve you well.
    whenever I see your 6mm ACW I am tempted to rebase my own. It may soon become a project.

  5. Nice ax save there with that poor Bulgar. It seems you are starting a wayward home for hotwheels. And finally you English have no idea what hot really is!

  6. Certainly lots going on here Tamsin and all looking good.

  7. @ Simon - the cars will be for my Wastelands project when I get around to it. As for the axe, I had a few melee weapons left over from the officer packs, so it made sense to replace the lost spear with one :)

    @ Ashley - apart from the cars, I haven't done a great deal lately ;)

    @ Ian - if I could get up that early I would! :)

    @ Clint - go on, you know you want to do that rebasing! ;)

    @ Robert - it was a good save and I do seem to be building quite a large rescue sanctuary for abandoned cars.
    As for the heat, don't forget we don't have air-con in UK homes and it's been hotter (and still is) the past few days than it is in SoCal ;)

    @ Michael A - thanks, lots to do :)

  8. Nice work Tamsin! You always seem to be busy!

  9. Definitely, not Vulgar Bulgars.. :) very nice work Tamsin!!

  10. Hot weather = Faster drying time = less time literally watching paint dry. What's not to like?...aside from the muggy sleepless nights, roasting in your own juices during the day, short tempered drivers etc.


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