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Friday, 5 June 2015

Smoking Is Bad For You

No, not a public health warning - this post is to show the smoke markers I've made up for 3X Car Wars:

I'll probably need a lot more of these than the paint-spray markers. I'm going to need to order some more 1.5" x 3" bases from Warbases...

This weekend I plan to do up some oil slick markers and try to find some bits to use for mines and spikes.


  1. Compared with the ones we used the week before last they are just so...3D!

  2. @ Michael A - they do indeed :)

    @ Rodger - cheers! :)

    @ Legatus - the only problem with the 3D is what to do if a vehicle ends its move overlapping. I think I might have to print out some 2D ones to go underneath.

    @ Robert - thanks! :)

  3. They look better then those ridiculous dust cloud blobs of resin that Battlefront was selling a while back.

  4. Hey Tamsin, apologies for the late comment, but if you need mines, you should look at these from The Scene: http://thesceneuk.com/shop/defences/lm01/

    teeny-tiny, but painted and stuck to a base, I think they'd be ideal!


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