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Thursday, 4 June 2015

Paint Spray Markers for Car Wars

Just to fill you in on why I've been a little quiet since the weekend:

Monday night - Went to see Mad Max: Fury Road after work. No real plot and not much dialogue,, but who cares? There are trucks, buggies and spiky cars; explosions and flame throwers; pretty much non-stop action in the post-apocalyptic wastelands. Did I mention trucks, buggies and spiky cars; explosions and flamethrowers? I did? Well, it's worth mentioning again. Especially the totally mad truck with a Humongous (did you see what I did there?) sound system with drummers and a guy in a leotard playing a guitar which is also a flamethrower.

Tuesday night - felt off-colour so didn't do anything workbench-wise.

Wednesday night - went to my first Labour Party meeting for a few years as it was nominations for the Party's London Mayoral candidate. It was good to catch up with comrades I hadn't seen for a long time and amazing to see how many new faces there were. When I got home it was too late to do anything on the workbench.

This evening - I'd been suffering streaming eyes and running nose all afternoon, so I picked up some hayfever tablets (Loratidine) on the way home and took one. They're not meant to be thr drowsy ones, but they did knock me out for an hour or so when I got home.

However, I have finally managed to get some workbench stuff done - gluing the pink-ish stained cushion stuffing onto bases for use as paint-spray markers.

I think they've come out quite well. I've made up a black/grey ink mix and dunked some stuffing in that to stain overnight. That will be for use as smoke markers.

I'll need more smoke markers than paint markers (they hang around for much longer in the game). I'll also need some to go on flaming oil slicks. I'll also want some smaller bits of smoke to indicate cars that are on fire.


  1. A truck with drummers and a guy in a leotard playing a guitar which is also a flamethrower. I've gotta have one of those!

    1. I have got two. You can have one if you want :-D

  2. I really like it. Looks great, though I first thought "the engine seems to be damaged. There is so much smoke"

  3. paint markers look really good Tamsin - another success!

  4. Looking good. Smoke will be just as great I'm sure. I hate hayfever with a passion suffered with it my entire life you have my sympathies.

  5. "No real plot and not much dialogue,, but who cares?" - that's a remarkably honest and succinct review. :)
    Glad to hear you're a bit of a bolshie, I like you even better now. :)
    Crack on with the smoke, looks good.

  6. Great review! So a leotard wearing guitar/flamethrower player is in this blog's future? The paint markers are top notch the stuffing seems to take the ink well.

  7. @ Anne - I thought you might want one of those ;)

    @ Stargazer - I probably should have separated them a bit to make it clear :)

    @ Chris - cheers! :)

    @ Simon - thanks! :)
    I don't often suffer from it. I think yesterday the pollen count must have been super-high to have caused me to react :(

    @ Michael - thank you Padre! :)
    I'm a socialist and trade unionist and proud to be both :)

    @ Robert - I'm not so sure about that! It might make Anne come over all unnecessary ;)
    The stuffing does seem to have stained well with the ink :)


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