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Sunday, 14 June 2015

The Latest Offering From TPDG Ltd

TP Dueling Garage Ltd are proud to present their latest offering for new professional autoduelists and for teams or arenas seeking a solid car for Division 10 duel-track events - The Contaminator

This compact packs a good punch with linked twin MGs in the front and a mighty super power plant gives 10mph acceleration and a hefty top speed of 140mph.

The Pink Peril is a special modification for TPDG's own Pink Panthers team for standard arena events. This variant sacrifices speed and acceleration to add a rear-firing flamethrower plus a targeting computer.

Car Wars Classic stats:

Contaminator: Compact; hvy chassis; hvy suspension; super power plant; 4 x HD tires; two linked MGs front; Armour: F35, R30, L30, B30, T10, U15; Accel 10; top speed 140; HC 3 (with spoiler = 4 at 60+mph); 4070 lb; $9925

Pink Peril: Compact; x-hvy chassis; hvy suspension; medium power plant; 4 x HD tires; two linked MGs front; FT  rear; targeting computer; Armour: F40, R30, L30, B35, T10, U15; Accel 5; top speed 90; HC 3 (with spoiler = 4 at 60+mph); 4200 lb; $9940 ($10,000 exactly when blinged out)

For our loyal customers, a quick preview of our next model aimed provisionally at the Division 15/20 market:

Remember - drive offensively!

OK, so I've been busy and needed to have a bit of a laugh. The four cars in the last pic have got .50 cal MGs from my Sgts Mess order mounted on the bonnets. I've primed them black, to see how that looks as a base, although for the one which will be yellow I'll give it a light spray of white first. I'll do the base coats this evening, then finish them off over the course of the week.


  1. I like the look of the pink peril. I suspect it will be very popular. The extra armour is more my style then the FT and SWC, But you did not build it just for me and I suspect the build will suit many people and the FT give a surprise.

  2. Very nice though the pink car is a little too......................................pink ! Though it does stand.
    Top stuff my dear

  3. Damn fine work Tamsin! You should be mightily pleased with the results.

    Have you got your own Stig to start a lap time board yet? :)

  4. When do we see the rubber on the roads?

  5. The Pink Peril is a great name! They look great thought they would look fantastic with some sponsorship logos on them. The commercial is the perfect way to show these off well done.

  6. The Pink Peril! Might start calling Postie that!!!

  7. @ Clint - cheers! It was designed to have a sting in the tail :)

    @ Michael A - thanks! :)

    @ Dannoc - cheers! Nothing wrong with this pink - I was worried that it might be a little pallid when I saw the colour in the bottle, but it turned out just right :)

    @ cmnash - glad you like them :)
    I don't have a Stig just yet...

    @ Stefan - thanks! :)

    @ Chris - soon I hope :)

    @ Simon - they do, don't they? :)

    @ Robert - at some point I'll make (or get made) some decals of sponsor logos etc.
    Glad you enjoyed the promo copy :)

    @ Ray - you'd better hope he doesn't see that comment! :)

  8. Very cool! I don't know if you ever saw the few I did, a couple of years back. This is a project to which I need to return, I think...

    1. I did see them - they looked a cool set of cars, particularly the dodge Demon and the Hemi Cuda :)


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