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Saturday, 13 June 2015

Saturday Workbench

It's another Saturday and another Saturday Workbench. So, what's on the bench today?

The five Fast 4WDs, that's what's on the workbench today. Last night I'd primed the insides of the bodies black, and also primed the chassis as I didn't think lurid snot green was a particularly desirable colour. This morning I primed the outsides of the bodies white before heading out for a few hours.

When I got home again I pin-washed black ink into the recesses, let that dry, sprayed the base coats, let them dry, resprayed the yellow as the black was showing through very strongly, let that dry, spotted that the second coat of yellow hadn't had much effect, went over the blacklining with white, resprayed the yellow...this time it worked! I then gave the bodies a coat of Klear.

While the Klear was drying, I drilled holes in the interior sections and one chassis for weapons, then glued them in place. I also "fixed" the wheels and axles with superglue. Since taking the above pic, I have sprayed the innards and the chassis weapon with black primer. I might do some detail painting on these later tonight.

One of the paints I'd ordered from SnM Stuff was Model Air Chrome. I grabbed a couple of scrappy MDF bases from the pile, primed them black then sprayed one with the (Eternal, Shiny and) Chrome, the other with Plate Mail primer. This was to see how it would look - I'll probably do the spoiler for the pink car with Chrome and might use it on the side vents for all of the cars.

There are some shinies to show:

Various bits and bobs from Sgts Mess - hull MGs, pintel mount .50 cal and .30cal MGs, Cullen cutters. These will be used for modding cars.

Speaking of which...

Some more adoptees have joined the Wargaming Girl Hotwheels Rescue Centre. Several of these will be fore the wastelands project; some will be for autodueling; the rest will go to my colleague's youngster.


  1. Do we think that we've reached 'obsession' status with this project yet? Great to see you so enthused about your work Tamsin, keep going.

  2. It's comming along nicely. Sort of makes me wish I hadn't destroyed so many dinky cars when I was a lad and shoved so many down the drains !

  3. I'm with Michael, these just keep coming, great to see you enjoying it though



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