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Monday, 26 January 2015

Challenge Day 52 - I've Decided

Last night I left you awaiting my decision on what to paint this week. My two options were:

i) Try to paint up all of the NSL Panzer Grenadiers
ii) Paint a mix of the NSL and some 6mm ACW

Well, I've decided.

Yes, that's right. I'm going to try to paint up all of the NSL. If I'm successful, that will be a very nice points bomb to submit for next Saturday's slot. Want to know how big? Well, it puts this week's entries into the shade...

So far, I've done the base green colours on the command bases, heavy weapon specialist and the fan bike troops. I'll be doing the weapon base coats after posting this.

Tomorrow, I'll be taking the bulk of the grunts in to work with me, to do the lighter green base coat during my lunch breaks over the next couple of days.

I'll just give a quick report on today's refight of Talas. Strategically, we'd done a great job and our plan did seem to have caught the Chinese by surprise. Things were looking very good for our main force on the Chinese left flank. However, we were unsure of when our diversionary force would come onto the table. We suspected that they couldn't be too far away, as their light horse lancers were on the table chasing some Chinese and Qualuk skirmishers off.

Things were looking good when the rest of the diversionary force began to arrive on the first turn and the Qualuks were clearly looking as though they would sit out the battle. Things looked even better on that flank a few turns in when our Tibetan allies (who we'd written off as a likely no-show) arrived.

Back with the main force we made a few stupid errors that came back to bite us in the derriere (with the assistance of some truly awful shooting, impact, melee, casualty and cohesion test dice). First of all we rather stupidly decided to redeploy most of our cavalry from the left wing to the right wing across the face of our infantry (and slowing down their already slow a advance). Then we decided to charge their light foot with some of our light foot, in front of our approaching infantry. That created a big problem for us when the Chinese light foot decided to fight it out instead of evading. Several turns later, the fight was still going on and blocking our wall of heavy infantry from crashing into their infantry.

Meanwhile, the other contingent, who had been doing so well suddenly started rolling really bad dice and in the space of 2 or 3 turns had lost nearly 12 units. As it was already 5.30 pm (we started at 10am) we decided at that point to call it a Chinese win, a reversal of the historical result.

I'll try to sort out some pics later this week.


  1. I'm glad you've gone for the NSL - I'm looking forward to seeing next weekends completed force. As always impressed by your ouput.

  2. And there was I thinking you were going to go for both simultaneously! ;)

  3. The good news is that we'll get to enjoy both in due course I hope!

    Those 6mm ACW were just stunning - the dioramic basing you achieved is EXACTLY what I want in a micro scale. The visuals of the skirmishers out front of the main line is perfect and just what I'm hoping to achieve with my new 6mm ECW project. Cant wait to see more of those.

    And in the meantime I'll enjoy the NSL too :-)

  4. Well I kept up longer than last year but I think you will have me licked after this weeks entry :-)


  5. I'm exhausted just reading oabout your output.
    Very impressed btw with your 6mm ACW. and looking forward to this new batch of NSL forces

  6. @ Simon - cheers! It will be a push, but I think I can do it :)

    @ Dannoc - I only manage to paint so much because I don't have any household distractions :)

    @ Michael A - I'm sure you didn't really think that! ;)

    @ Paul - thanks! Glad you like the ACW. I'll probably return to them once I have hit 1500 points and the race with Alan is over.
    Expect something new for me in this Challenge after the NSL :)

    @ Ian - slowing down then? Well done keeping up with me this far :)

    @ Zabadak - have a lie down then! :)
    Thanks for the kind comment about the ACW. The Union boys are nice and quick to paint; it's the Rebs I'm not looking forward to, mixing various browns and greys for their uniforms.


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