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Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Challenge Day 48 - WIP NSL and ACW

I've been trying to get as much done tonight as I can, as I will be out tomorrow night having my first game of King of the Battlefield - my Russians will be making their debut.

I've made excellent progress on the NSL, with only varnishing and basing left to do. I've done unit and rank markings on them, having come up with a scheme which should work.

I've also made some decent progress on the second batch of Union infantry. Since taking the pic below, I've done the wood of the muskets and flagstaffs.

Once this has been posted, I'll try to get the flesh and hair done and maybe the satchels and water canteens. That will leave the belts, straps, metals and touch-ups for Friday evening (plus varnishing, sticking on bases and adding the basing texture). With a fair wind behind me, I'll be able to finish them in time for Saturday's posting slot.


  1. Them NSL are looking good - a powerful group. What more have you got?

  2. I'm liking the NSL I can see what people are getting back into 15mm Sci-fi.

  3. Forty eight days already?! That's soon shot by.

    As an ACW fan, I'm inpressed by those little men. Lovely firues and they'll make an impressive army.

  4. Impressive as always, Tamsin. Your output and quality is inspiring.


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