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Saturday, 24 January 2015

Challenge Day 51 - I'm Pooped

It's my own fault really. Well, that and taking Thursday evening off to play a wargame - during the Challenge!

You see, I was so close to finishing the second four bases of 6mm ACW figures, but the only way I'd be able to get them finished in time to submit today was if I got them all the way through to the basing texture added stage before going to bed to allow it to have dried enough for the next stages this afternoon.

And that involved me staying up until stupid o'clock.

But I got them done, as well as the NSL power armour. Two posts have been drafted and are waiting for Curt to do what he does to them, so you should see them later tonight/tomorrow.

The NSL are up!
and so are the 6mm ACW!

So, I currently have a clear workbench:

Who was it that said my workbench was far too clean?

What's next? I'm torn between doing a mix of NSL panzer grenadiers and 6mm ACW, or just focusing on trying to complete all the NSL this week. I'll make my decision tomorrow night when I get back from a Sunday game - we're fighting the Battle of Talas (751 AD) between the Abbasid Caliphate and the Tang Empire. I'm the Arab CinC for my sins, of which there are many, and over the past couple of days we have been conducting pre-battle manoeuvres by email. It should be quite interesting to see if our strategy has worked or whether I have led our army to disaster.


  1. Clean or not, you have place to start teh new bunch of figures! The figures for the challenge look great! And you almost reached your target points!


  2. Nice! With 70 painters hard at it, your top ten ranking is very impressive Tamsin! This is too freaky. I'm painting to a Great Lectures course "The Barbarian Empires of the Steppes" and it just covered the Battle of Talas. Good luck, it should be a blast.

  3. Fancy wimping out! If you were Dave D you'd be half way through the next batch . . . . Sleep? Who needs it?!?


  4. Well done on acheiving a cleantable, only one thing to do now - fill it up !

  5. Ah. Stupid O'Clock; my favorite time of the day. You're are just cranking through these. Every time I think I might catch up you take a giant leap forward. Nice work on the NSL power infantry.

  6. Your stamina is a thing of wonder, T. I have no idea how you manage to monster through so much painting.

  7. Plenty of space for the next horde to take up residency - keep going Tamsin.

  8. The 6mm ACW stuff is brilliant - I do think we all get a bit of "Painting Challenge Fatigue" at the mid point of the event. I was forced by work to take a few weeks off and I think that helps

    I suspect after a few days, your painting area will be less than pristine!

  9. Wish my workbench would be so clean.....

  10. Decisions! Decisions! Have a few beers and watch a movie maybe that will help you to decide.

  11. @ Peter - yup, it was soon filled up with the next batch of figures :)

    @ Monty - I was in the top ten last year when there were 60 or so of us, so it's pretty much where I expect to be at this stage. Whether I stay up there to the end is another matter.

    @ Gary - I'm not Dave though! Who needs sleep? Me! :)

    @ Zabadak - I did fill it up again quite quickly :)

    @ Aaron - the throttle has been opened now, the pedal is to the metal, full steam ahead...
    Alan and I are rapidly closing in on the 1500 points we are racing to!

    @ Herbert - I can keep it up for a while longer, then I'll ease back a bit once I hit 1500 points :)

    @ Michael A - the next horde hit the table quite quickly :)

    @ Miles - not painting fatigue in my case. It was just tiredness from the very late Friday night (OK, Saturday morning!) session to get the ACW based in time :)

    @ Markus - I shudder to think how unclean your paint table must be then if you consider mine to be comparatively clean! :)

    @ Simon - the decision was obvious really - hit up the 15mm NSL boys (and a few girls) :)

    @ Dean - it was nice to take an evening off :)


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