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Monday, 19 January 2015

Challenge Day 46 - NSL Test Figures and The Rozzers

First up, the NSL. I couldn't face starting the next batch of 6mm ACW last night, so I decided to crack on with priming the NSL figures I'd stuck on bases in the afternoon. You know how it goes - I'll just prime this section of them. Oh, I've got some primer left, I'll prime this lot as well. Oh, not enough primer, I'll pour some more out. Hmmm, that's a lot of primer left over - better prime the next lot.

Before you know it, you've spent 3 hours priming the blooming lot of them.

So, this evening I decided to paint up a pair of test figures to test the colour combination.

The pics show side-by-side the initial paint job with Army Painter strong tone wash, then touched up with the original colours. I think the strong tone was too strong - maybe if I dilute it or use soft tone it would be better. Equally, going back over with the original colours the grey looks too bright.

Let me know your thoughts.

I've still got unit and rank markings to add, which I'll do when I've worked out a scheme for those.

Salutesville's Finest

"If these are Salutesville's Finest, I'd hate to see their worst!"

My 10th entry for the Challenge was a bunch of 28mm cops for my Mob Wars project, along with their transport.

The Vehicles are from Blue Moon's "Highways and Byways" range and the crew figures are also Blue Moon.

I will be adding decals at some point. If you care to take a look at the WIP pics on my blog, you will see that the inside of the back of the panel van has been fully painted.

To prove the crew figures are painted to a similar level to the rest of the cops:

A detachment from Dixon Precinct...

...joining the squad from Murch Precinct

Deputy Chief Campbell* thinks The Untouchables' Jimmy Malone is a pussy. "He brings a knife, you bring a heavy machine gun. That's the Salutesville way."

*Named in honour of the Snowlord, as he has his work cut out doing such an excellent job of policing the hoodlums of the Challenge Mob.

You may have guessed from the precinct names that the first 4 cops are from Dixon Miniatures with the last eight being from Pulp Figures.

The paving slab bases were sculpted by me from Milliput so that they'd fit in with my earlier Blue Moon cops.

This entry netted me 105 points; enough to put me comfortably ahead of Alan (until today - his Seljuks have put him just ahead of me), but not enough to catch Ian.


  1. Great photos of a great work. Cheers!

  2. I agree with you the Strong Tone is too dark. I think the brighter grey is fine but then I paint a lot of my stuff quite bright so it shows better for photos of games...

  3. Love the machine gun! Yes the Dixion cop in the helmet isn't from the Americas that's for sure. Very lovely cops Ms. P on another note I think the greys on the test figures look fine but you could add some warm browns or cold blues to the grey to change the tone to your liking.

  4. I think the grunts look fine as they are but your wanting the finished figures to look different to how I see them.

    The cops look real good too, especially the MG team


  5. Great to see the Police en masse like that, a wonderful group.

  6. The strong tone looks good to me, gives them a dark foreboding look.

    As I said before, I love the cops - the machine gun crew make me laugh whenever I see them. So much for 'To Serve & Protect' as a motto.

  7. I like the cops a lot (can't comment on the NSL guys though, but they look good to me). The cop with the helmet is very early 29th C for the USA as are the lighter blue uniforms imo, but in Salutesville - well anything goes I guess.t

  8. I think the strong tone looks good on the colours you've chosen. I've finished painting the NSL anti-armour pack at the weekend and took the photo's but can't upload them to my blog - will try this at work tomorrow.
    The power armoured figures are good too - started putting them together on sunday but the arms were a pain to fix. Hope to have these done in a couple of weeks.
    Will be interested to see your markings on the figures hadn't thought of that - might be too fidly for me.
    Take care.

  9. and the police look cracking too - like the fire hydrant.

  10. Great looking cops, Tamsin. I do like the whole outfit with vehicles. Great looking ground work too.

  11. @ RMacedo - thank you :)

    @ Millsy - well, your SciFi is more of a 40K thing. I'm actually leaning more towards a diluted strong tone now :)

    @ Robert - thanks! I've found several pics showing different USofAmerican police forces wearing those helmets in the very early C20th, although whether they were doing so in the '20s is another matter.

    @ Ray - cheers! :)

    @ Michael A - thank you sir! :)

    @ Peter - thanks. I think that using the strong tone diluted will be about right.

    @ Zabadak - cheers! the blue isn't that light in real life - it seems to be a camera effect with those pigments as others have reported similar issues.

    @ Dannoc - cheers! I'll look forward to seeing your NSL guys when you're able to post them. The strong tone has certainly grown on me, but it does need to be diluted a bit.

    @ Dean - thanks! Glad you like them :)

  12. The cops and cars look fantastic! Great final result on these!



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