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Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Challenge Day 47 - Shinies and NSL Power Armour

It's always nice to come home and find a package from a minis supplier.

Yes, some lovely shinies from Hasslefree. I have done a double of one figure - one of the pair will be my Curtgeld, the other will be for myself. The rest will be prizes for my 3rd Blogday (and 300K page views) giveaway.

NSL Power Armour

Well, with the honourable exception of Millsy, it appears that people seem to prefer the figures with the strong tone wash. I must admit that I was leaning that way later on, but I think it does need watering down a little. I'll also adjust the point at which I use it to after doing the two greens and the grey, but before the visors and other details.

Last night I did the base colour (German Field Grey). This evening I've done the contrast green (changed from German Dark Green to Bronze Green) and will be doing the grey after posting this. If I have time, I'll do the strong tone wash as well. That will allow me to do the detailing tomorrow evening.

6mm ACW

I also did a few steps on the next batch of Union infantry last night, as you can see from the pic of the NSL. I'll do some more work on them tomorrow.


  1. I am in awe of how much painting you get completed!! I paint 10 figures a week and feel I have done well! I have thought of participating in one of the painting challenges but your updates showing your dedication make me think again.....
    Nice figures, as always :)

  2. I rate an honourable exception? I'm honoured!

  3. Phew - your Curtgeld isn't the one that I had in mind....

  4. I shall keep my eyes open for a hasslefree give-away!
    A stonking good pace you are maintaining on the challenge.
    I may start to paint space ships soon. (Just a heads up)

  5. Your pace and dedication to the challenge is impressive you must need a vacation afterwards. I do like these greys & greens a light wash should top them off.

  6. Very nice Tamsin! As to the Hasslefree figs, I've been eyeing some of the modern ones for alternative Zombicide/Pulp characters.

  7. As always i'm impressed with your painting output ! I can only put my low output down to 3 young children !

  8. Ooooh shinies! I still need to work out the curtgeld model for this year... inspiration has yet to strike

  9. @ cwheeler - at the moment I'm spurred on by the Challenge, hence the high output. I'm also, to an extent, making up for the time I lost over the summer.
    As for the Challenge, all sorts take part, and everybody has their own target and goals. There are plenty of people taking part who have set themselves low targets, so don't be put off from asking to take part next year :)

    @ Millsy - are you saying that you aren't honourable? ;)

    @ Phil - you're doing a Hasslefree as well then? Good to know that we won't clash :)

    @ Clint - once the figures are primed I'll post the giveaway. They'll then be painted up at some point before the Challenge ends (probably after I've hit 1500 points).

    @ Robert - maybe not a vacation, but a slowdown at least :)

    @ Terry - they have some great figures for post-apoc/zombie gaming. I painted a few for another blogger a long while ago.

    @ Dannoc - I do enjoy the advantage of being single with no dependents :)

    @ Paul - I'm sure something will inspire you in good time :)

  10. @ Millsy - are you saying that you aren't honourable? ;)
    Only after the lights go out!

  11. Looking forward to what you will paint for Curt! And what a difference in hight between those 6 and 28 mm figures!
    PS: Yes it's always nice to see that the postman brought some packages when you come home! Infact I'm waiting for a few myself and I can't wait to receive them! There are some 28 mm amongst them!



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