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Thursday, 8 January 2015

Challenge Day 35 - Match Postponed

...due to the effects of two nights of insomnia.

Yup, I've had two successive nights of insomnia. I thought I might be OK for the game tonight (which I was quite looking forward to), but by early afternoon I realised that it was extremely likely that I'd end up falling asleep face-down in my curry. So, I cried off and got a couple of hours sleep instead when I got home.

There has been one benefit though. Since waking up, I've been able to finish off the touching-up I started last night. Now I've just got the flags to do before varnishing them. Of course, that does mean that they will be finished for Saturday's post.

Speaking of post,

This package was waiting for me when I got home. It was a bunch of bits I'd ordered from Warbases - some bases, some pavement sections, a backyard and some figures.

Yes, a pair of bloodhounds. You may be wondering why I've bought some mutts, but they will become part of my Mob Wars project as a little vignette if I can find (or convert) a suitable human figure to go with them.


  1. Sorry to hear about the sleeping issues. Ack.

  2. Those musketeers look great. And another box of goodies - I had a delivery today of bases but it was in a jiffy, just five bags of bases! looks like i might have to sell all 3 kids to fund some more purchases !!

  3. Sleeping is well over-rated imo (I have issues sleeping too).
    Your figures look as good as always.

  4. Shame about the sleep, must be a right bummer! But look at all them goodies!!!

  5. I had sleep 'issues' for nearly 6 years, so you have my sympathies. I never fell asleep into any food, but have slept on the ground in the middle of a building site while work carried on around me. Health and Safety would of had a fit :)

    Lovely painting, btw.

  6. Take care of your self.. Insomnia is the worst never had to deal with it myself but friends have it can really destroy you if your not careful.

  7. Hope yu get back on track son, sleep deprivation is horrid


  8. @ Whisk - thanks. I suffer from bouts of insomnia every so often, so I'm used to it :)

    @ Dannoc - cheers. The bases should do me for a few 15mm SciFi projects.

    @ Zabadak - I don't need much sleep anyway, but insomnia hits me hard when I get a bout.

    @ Ray - believe me, it is a pain

    @ Roy - hmm, that does sound rather unsafe mate :)

    @ Adam - luckily my bouts usually only last a night or two, so I can recover reasonably quickly :)

    @ Ian - cheers. Should be as human as I normally am after the weekend :)


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