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Saturday, 17 January 2015

Challenge Day 44 - SYW Russians Round-Up

I did promise this a few days ago, so here it is - a round-up of my Seven Years War Russian army so far. I will, of course, be adding to it in the future.

The Generals

Original post:

Baron Ivan Tovokov, Count Vasilliy Oldvol, Vladimir Yvorluncz

I am deeply saddened to report that when they have been posted before, not one of you has commented on the dreadful punning names I've given them!

The Artillery

Original post:

The Cavalry

Original posts:
Cuirassiers, Dragoons & Horse Grenadiers

3rd Cuirassier Regiment

Kievskiy Cuirassier Regiment

Sankt-Petersburgskiy Horse Grenadier Regiment

Tverskiy Dragoon Regiment

Slobodskiy Hussar Regiment

Zeltiy Hussar Regiment

The Infantry

Original posts:
2nd Moscowskiy & Apsheronskiy
Arkhangelovskiy, Astrakhanskiy, Chernigovskiy & Novgorodskiy

1st Grenadier Regiment

2nd Grenadier Regiment

Close-up on the Grenadier standards
Apsheronskiy Musketeer Regiment

Arkhangelovskiy Musketeer Regiment

Astrakhanskiy Musketeer Regiment
Chernigovskiy Musketeer Regiment
2nd Moscowskiy Musketeer Regiment

Novgorodskiy Musketeer Regiment
2nd Moscowskiy & Apsheronskiy standards

Arkhangelovskiy, Astrakhanskiy, Chernigovskiy & Novgorodskiy standards

That's not bad going really, to get all of these painted up in about 5 weeks, especially as that period also saw me painting up a few other things and included the Christmas break when I was away for a few days.

As I have already said, this is just the start of the army and I will be adding to it over the course of this year (after the Challenge has finished). But what will I be adding?

* 2 more regiments of cuirassiers
* 2 more regiments of horse grenadiers
* x more regiments of hussars
* some cossacks
* more commanders
* more artillery
*2 more grenadier regiments (arrggghhhh! Mitres! Complicated standards! The horror, the horror...)
* 4-6 more musketeer regiments

I won't be posting any WIP pics today and tomorrow's post will probably be the cops (if Curt has posted them a suitable time before tomorrow evening).

This afternoon and evening I will be working on the 6mm ACW test batch. I suspect that the next 4 units will also be test batches to find the best uniform colours.


  1. They're truly now an army and a cracking one at that !
    (Standards with infantry ? )

  2. This was a very impressive project! And the speed that you managed to pull it off. Great job!

  3. A proper fledgling army now.. Very nice.

  4. Great looking troops, beautiful uniforms and artillery...

  5. I admire your work very much, how you can paint this level of detail on so tiny figs amazes me! Cheers!

  6. Tim just got a few gaming minis in the mail today. Yours look good.

  7. That's a tidy little army and justfifies the effort you put into it. Going to be a good gaming force when they're finally finished and then you can start on the Prussians ;O).

  8. Staggering quantity and quality.

  9. Great levels of detail and speed, I think Essex will be having an holiday on you with the figures they sold you and the extra that they must sell post others seeing your work


  10. Hi TamsinP,

    Great start.

    Do you know about Kronoskaf SYW Project, the stuff on the Russians is invaluable, especially the nicely laid out OOB tables for 'force balancing'.


    I wouldn't over do the Horse Grenadiers, the most I've found at a battle is 4 regiments at Paltzig and these were all only 3 squadrons strong. There were even less dragoons, but just to be a pain in the war gamer's bum they liked to use lots of hussars.

    I've just finished my Russian army for the SYW, I know you visit my blog sometimes so you might have seen them on parade. I love to play with the Russian army, and I'm sure you will too.

    Regards, and Good Luck with this project in the future,


  11. @ Zabadak - thanks! :)

    @ Samuli - cheers! I was pleasantly surprised by how quickly I got them done :)

    @ Dave - fledgling? Hmm, that sounds like a great description of it :)

    @ Phil - thank you :)

    @ RMacedo - 15mm is my main scale, so painting the detail on these is something I'm used to :)

    @ Whisk - thanks! :)

    @ Gary - cheers! Prussians? Nah, if I do an army of "the other side", it will probably be Hanoverians :)

    @ Michael A - high praise indeed :)

    @ Ian - they might well be able to afford a 5-star break on me if my Hussar plans are carried out :)

    @ James- I did see yours and had commented. They put mine in the shade.

    Kronoskaf is a great resource, and I made use of it while I was painting these up. I know what you mean about the cavalry - maybe just one more regiment of horse grenadiers and forget the dragoons.

    Good luck with your Austrians :)


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