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Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Tuesday Update

Well the last few days were pretty miserable for me - I went down with a virus on Thursday that left me feeling constantly knackered, unable to get warm and with mild shakes. Thankfully it started to clear up last night. I did manage to get a little bit of painting done while I was suffering, so the Swiss command stand figures got taken through to the Klear/ink coat last night.

Luckily, I've also had today off work (a benefit of working for a university) so have been able to catch up a little bit.

Swiss Command Stands

I managed to get these based up today. Tomorrow morning (or lunchtime if I take them to work with me) I'll be able to dry-brush the basing gunk and hopefully  finish them off in the evening when I get home.

Painting these has been a bit of a b***er, partly because I was trying to use a new size 1 Series 7 brush that doesn't seem to want to maintain its point. I had to go into town this morning to drop something off, so took a slight diversion afterwards to 4D Modelshop and bought some of their Tasma sable brushes.

Donogh's Prize Painting

With the basing gunk drying on the Swiss, I decided it was time to resume work on these. Apart from the hair, I've done the base/shade coat and in some cases first coat/highlight done on the remaining figures. I've been using the new brushes and they seem to hold their points well. Whether they'll last as long as the Series 7 brushes is something that only time will tell, but at 20-25% of the price if they only last 20-25% as long it's still worth it.

I'm glad I did this today. It was rather daunting when they were still just in their primed and washed state, but now that there's some colour on them it will be much easier to crack on with them.


  1. Nice progress on the Swiss. Hope your feeling better.

  2. Poor you, Tamsin! - sounds like you had one of those nasty GI viruses that are going round at the mo.
    Keep warm and drink plenty!

    Nice work (as ever) on the figures!

  3. Nice work on all counts Tamsin!!!
    Nice to see I make two of your top 10 posts!! he he!

  4. @ Scotty - feeling much better today thanks! :)

    @ Herkybird - it wasn't a GI virus, but whatever it was seems to have cleared up.

    @ Ray - hmmm, probably more than that if you look at the content of the posts!

  5. Glad to hear your feeling better, the figures are coming on nicely

  6. glad your feeling better, some great looking command stands an dthe hasslefree stuff is ace

  7. That girl in the orange tank top is rather nice. You did a great job on her skin tone and those muscles really pop.

    Sorry to hear you were down ill.

  8. The scooby gang is looking good and glad you're starting to feel better!

  9. These are coming along nicely, also nice paint storage system. It never occured to me to store paint that way so you can actually see what the colours are!

  10. Sorry you're not feeling well. The figures look good, I like how the 28's are coming along.

  11. Glad you all like the Hasslefree stuff :)

    @ anne - I haven't finished the flesh tones yet, so they should look really, really good when I'm done. The colour schemes for the clothing are what Donogh asked for - I've honestly got no idea where his inspiration came from. The flesh on the big fella in the other group looks even better, but you can't really see it in the pic.

    @ Smillie - it didn't occur to me either at first and I had the caps outwards. I just got sick of having to keep searching for the right paint all the time - much easier now.

  12. Tmsin,
    I sincerely hope that you are feeling better. If it is any consolation (Yes, I know it won't be...)the same symptoms you are describing - and worse - are flying about here on the East Coast of the USA.
    Maybe you can find something easy to do while you are recuperating.
    A/K/A The celtic Curmudgeon