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Sunday, 21 April 2013

Salute 2013 - Bloggers' Meetup

Post 3 of 4 about Salute 2013

Following last year's success, Ray and Fran organised another meetup of bloggers this year. By organised, I mean that Ray posted the invite to meet up on his blog.

The result was that at 1pm at least 20 bloggers met up in the seating area next to the B&B. I didn't get to speak to everyone, but I do remember the following being there:
Big Lee
Michael Awdry
Mike Whitaker
Mini Mike
Phyllion and his brother
The Dark Templar
Sydney Roundwood

A couple of pics I took of the assembled bloggers:


  1. The fella in the last pic is damn handsome!

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. I´ve found the perfect use for the sandbags

  4. I really want to come now, maybe next year


  5. A shame I couldn't make it, would be fun to meet bloggers like that.
    Must been a fun day, Salut is on my wishlist (and Benno's) so we will come some day!
    For the bloggers who are in the oputunity to come to Holland on june 2th,
    I organizing a meeting as well: figz.nl/en
    Everybody is welcome!

  6. The "Zombie Bloggers Association" also met there but as some of the other guys there had a scary infected look in their eyes we stood slightly to the right!! I Did see you though.

  7. @ Fran - I presume you're meaning Seb? *ducks*

    @ Paul - nice one!

    @ Ian - you should defo come down next year.

    @ Remco - the bizarre thing is that I'd only bumped into Mike W and Clint before the meet-up and didn't bump into any afterwards. Also, unlike last year, I hardly saw any of my club mates.

    @ Clint - I was sure I'd missed a couple of bloggers from the list. I've added you and Andy (Lair of the Breviks) to it.

    If I've missed anyone else, please let me know.

  8. Wow it sounds like you had a great time, unfortunately I could not come. (although I would be the one lying on the floor!). Maybe next year.

  9. I missed it again this year, I think at 1 I was neck deep in old sealed fantasy blisters at the em4 stand...

  10. What a lovely bunch of coconuts!

  11. Good to see you guys had a good time meeting up.

  12. Forgot me already Tamsin even after you won my Mordheim stuff ;-)

  13. @ DeadGuy - hope to see you next year then

    @ muincubliss - maybe next year you won't miss it. Being neck deep in blister packs is a good excuse, so we'll forgive you! :)

    @ Anne - nuts for sure, but perhaps not coconuts ;)

    @ Rodger - it was good to meet up with so many bloggers

    @ Carl - damn right. How on earth could I forget. My brain was complete mush last night and I did forget others, so you weren't alone in being missed off my list. You are now duly added with my apologies! :)

  14. Replies
    1. Bleedin' 'ell - my brain really was mush. I even emailed you when I got home, before posting this!

  15. I was there, briefly, and so was BigRedBat. You had your back to me so I didn't get a chance to say hello...

    1. I thought I saw Simon - thanks for confirming and sorry we didn't get to talk.

  16. Great to finally say hello Tamsin, just a shame I didn't get to chat to you properly. Was a great day.

  17. Really great to meet you too, Tamsin. Saying hello to all the bloggers was the highlight of my day, for sure!

  18. @ Mike - didn't we meet last year? It was a shame not to get to chat properly with everyone, but with so many folks and so little time there will always be people we miss out on.

    @ Sidney - the pleasure was all mine. I've loved your great War projects.

    1. No, I was there last year but completely missed the meeting (too busy stuffing my face!), so this was the first time I met yourself, Ray and Fran.

  19. It was good to meet up again. the blogger 'flash mob' was great and your little 'prize' for Ray was a classic!

  20. Was great to see ya all. And see who is behind all those blogs.
    Someone has to explain me the thing with the sandbags...

    Cheers Markus The one in Pic one with the brown jacket

    and sorry for my bad english it is much better after a box of beer

  21. @ Lee - I think even ray liked the "prize"

    @ Markus - it was good to meet you too. Don't apologise for your English - it is much better than my German :)

    The sandbags are a bit of a running joke - if you check back about a month or so here, you'll find the relevant posts.
    "Sandbagging" is where someone deliberately plays to a lower ability than they are capable of to make their opponent feel secure, then at the last minute surges ahead at full ability to beat them.

    1. Ahhh O.K. now I understand that sandbag thing....funny. I was thinking of a serious flooding at Ray's house.....

    2. Markus - the only flooding of Ray's house is with (mostly 15mm) lead after shows, between shows..... *lol*

  22. I was there as well (sporting my red Bazinga t-shirt) but thankfully I seem to have evaded the photos :)