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Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Korean Levy Troops

After the weekend's flurry of posts I thought I'd have a break from blogging last night.

Over the last 2 nights I finished painting the levy troops for my Korean army. Splitting them into 2 batches certainly helped. This evening I've sprayed them with matt varnish and flocked them. Here are the pics.

In FoG these will be Poor medium foot (have to re-roll 6s; vulnerable to cavalry in the open) with a heavy weapon front rank and bow armed rear rank. It is compulsory to take at least 10 bases of them and they have to be fielded as 8s or 10s. They'll be kept in the rear to defend against flank marches and any breakthroughs by enemy light horse or cavalry.

My plan to do the prep for the regular foot and command stands during my lunch breaks at work has hit a minor hurdle. At the moment I'm lucky to get 30 minutes to buy something to eat, get back to my office and eat it. So, I've brought the figures home and I'm going to start prepping them while painting the cavalry. It's going to be tight getting these finished - I've got just over 2 weeks to paint 72 cavalry (already started, so might not be too bad), 48 infantry and about 20 foot and mounted figures for the command stands so that the army is ready for Campaign.

"Splice the Cabin Boy and Roger the Mainbrace! *hic*"

Project Pirate Pandemonium continues apace. Royal Mail tried to deliver my first package ("Grumpys" from East Riding Miniatures) today, but it was too big to go through the letterbox so I'll have to collect them from the local office. I'll probably do that on Saturday morning. I've also got a small order from Essex which has been sent.

To get me in the mood and for some painting inspiration I've ordered a couple of Ospreys off Amazon.


  1. Just a little bit of painting to be done then! Good luck Tamsin.

  2. Looking good girl and good luck.

  3. looking great, look forward to seeing the pirate are you going fo rany ships?
    Peace James
    BTW I do not have a rules set in mind so if you find a great one I might be nicking yours :)

  4. Nice job! What make are they?

  5. I think that if you keep on painting at this pace you are going to paint the Koreans and the pirates too by the deadline!!


  6. thanks guys!

    @ James - I've got the Blue Moon man o' war on order and might get a couple more at some point. I'll be doing the army up for FoG:R, but should have some left over for skirmish gaming as well.

    @ Crazy Joe - they are from Old Glory 15s

    @ Andres - I may churn them out quickly, but even I'm not that fast! ;)

  7. Very nice! Still excited to see Pirates too.

  8. Great looking infantry you have here. Looking forward to following the progress on the cavalry and remaining infantry.


  9. I know nothing about this army (other than what I see on your blog) so It's really nice to see the progress. Keep it up it's great.