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Saturday, 6 April 2013

A Box Arrives

When I got home last night, I found a card from Parcelforce. My initial thought was "Oh, crap! I'm going to have to call them tomorrow and try to arrange a re-delivery next week which means taking a day off work so that I don't miss it". Then I read it - they'd left it at the small sub post office just up the road. Yippee! I duly trotted up there this morning and collected my parcel.

So, some pics (as there were none in my last post):

A box

An opened box

A lot of packs of figures




Levies and Light Horse

I guess the rest of today will be spent opening the packs (I've opened a few already to look at the contents), sorting out the figures into units then prepping the ones I need for Campaign. Luckily I don't need to drill any hands for lances or pikes!!

With the cavalry I'd ordered 8 packs of lancers from the Ming range and a pack of melee weapon cavalry from the Korean range. The latter pack was to provide officers with drawn swords for my lancer units. That turns out to have been unnecessary - the lancers packs include figures with swords drawn. Instead I'll use the Korean melee weapon cavalry to add to command stands.

I'd also better make a start on my Secret Projects - it's only 2 weeks until Salute!


  1. Nice Tamsin. I'm a little bit jealous, I'd like a parcel like that.

  2. Oh, is this not one of the secret projects?!

  3. Parcels are so nice, especially miniatures parcels...they improve the day...;-)


  4. Nice reinforcements post Challenge, but I guess you still have less unpainted lead than you averaged during the challenge


  5. Nice to get parcels like that. I'm so looking forward to my West Wind Kickstarter one landing in June :D

  6. @ Clint - I'm sure that you'll bags of a similar nature from whichever show you go to next :)

    @ Phyllion - nope, the Koreans aren't part of the secret projects. Given that I've mentioned them several times recently, they're hardly covert ;)

    @ Mike R - who doesn't?!

    @ Andrew S - Toys? Toys? Ermmm, OK, yup - they're toys! :)

    @ Marzio - they've certainly improved my day! :)

    @ Ian - yup, but a lot of prep work and speed painting to do over the coming weeks. This parcel is probably just under half my Challenge points total (not all to be painted before Campaign I hasten to add) and I've still got a ton of lead to paint for other projects.

    @ Simon Q - parcels are definitely nice to get. Especially when the figures they contain don't need very much prep-work :)

  7. Its great to surprised by Royal Mail and even better when toys are involved

  8. Nothing like a box of bright and heavy metal!

  9. looks like you have a good bit of prep looking forward to Salute myself

  10. There is nothing better than opening a big box of goodies and sorting through them

  11. @ PK and Fran - boxes of goodness are always bundles of joy, especially when they contain shinies :)

    @ James B - first batch of figures prepped already - 72 cavalry :)
    It will be great to meet you (and others) at Salute

    @ Scotty - I'm sorting through the foot at the moment

  12. Good on you Tamsin. I too like getting boxes of the wee guys. Enjoy!

  13. *sigh* I really should get around to ordering the 15mm Samurai army box from Peter Pig that I've been promising myself. That way I can have a lovely box like that arrive as well.

    Can't wait to see your Koreans painted up though.

  14. Hahahaaha, you cracked me up with the picture of the box and then the opened box. I do silly stuff like that too.

    Lots of goodies for you. Very cool.

  15. You know the funny thing is the local gaming store I go to just happens to be the company that manufactures those 15mm (Old Glory 15, War Web, and Grandiosity up in Michigan). I do painting for them and some of their clients and a bunch of gamers there. I have painted them all from ancient Greeks to WWII, but I hate Napoleonics and 7 year war the most because of all the colors. It helps that the owners (Steve, Steve, and Andrew) are basically Historians... I paint and play Warhammer heavily though.

  16. I had a box yesterday. Only a little one but it had those same green cheesy wotsits in. Why is it that however carefully you open the box some of them seem to fly out everywhere?

  17. @ Rodger - I think all of us shinybloodyitis sufferers love getting parcels of figures. I guess it's the lead addiction getting its fix :)

    @ Lead Legion - oooh, Samurai! Go on and order it - you know you want to :)

    @ Whisk-y-poos - I've done that before a couple of times I think. It's good to do silly stuff every so often :)

    @ Todd - cool-beans! The OG 15mm stuff is great - nice sculpts, good range of poses in the packs, clean castings, very good pricing.

    @ Legatus - I guess I've been lucky recently as that hasn't happened much.
    So, what was in your box?

    1. The new Warlord Games metal Caesar's legions command and shield transfers for my plastic Romans from the same. They are excellent!

    2. Very cool. I'm still new to your blog. Silly is good. Fun stuff. Cheers and boogie boogie.

  18. My favorite historicals to paint has been 20mm WWII. I just love the scale and look of the models.

    Have fun painting your 15s...