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Monday, 22 April 2013

Avast behind!

Obviously not mine. My behind is very trim and athletic*.

No, this is to let you know that my impulses took control and acted on my thoughts of doing a pirate army. I've placed a bunch of small orders with Rebel Minis, Old Glory UK, Essex, Black Hat and East Riding Miniatures. I'll also be placing some orders with Peter Pig, Museum, Minifigs and Donnington. My plan is to get as much variety of pose and dress as possible in the army.

In my Rebel Minis order there were a few packs of sci-fi and pulp stuff as well - I was over the VAT-free limit, so thought I might as well make it worthwhile paying the £8 admin fee that Royal Mail will hit me for.

I've been making a little bit of progress on my Koreans. Last night I switched the cavalry to wider painting sticks to give a bit more stability (they kept toppling over on the thinner sticks). I also did the base colour on the bases of the levy troops.

This evening I've been working on the levy archers. I decided to split the batch in two - archers and heavy weapons - for the rest of the painting, simply because it's easier to motivate myself to work on 24 figures than 48. I should manage to get them very near to completion tonight. Then tomorrow I should be able to do the same with the 24 heavy weapons guys. After that it will be onto the cavalry.

I think I'll need to take the command stand and regular foot figures into work with me to prep during my lunch breaks. At leas that will help make sure I have a chance of finishing them all in time!

*in appearance only, I'm not very athletic these days


  1. Sounds good, and a lot of figures. Really looking forward to the Pirates though


  2. Hoi.well something interesting to folloow in addition to your Koreans.

  3. Avast your what!!!!!, who doesn't like pirates I ask you....Spanish Galleon owners I tell you!

  4. Pirates? Yoohoho....Maybe they will fight vs my Disney galleon... :-p


  5. I have just prepped my 15mm Pirates so should be fun to see how you get on too
    Peace James

  6. Arrrgghh, well, me hearties, there be treasures coming my way!
    OK, so some of the orders aren't that small....

    @ Ray - a plan? Not much of one right now, just get loads of figures to start with then work out what else I need to get :)

    @ Ian - it will be a while before I start work in earnest on them. That is if Earnest doesn't object.

    @ Seb - they should be a good fun army to paint up. pretty one dimensional on the table though :)

    @ Fran - who doesn't like pirates? No-one! :)

    @ Legatus - glad you like my (lack of) plan!

    @ Marzio - they do be havin' thar own man o' war they do ;)

    @ James - you're clearly way ahead of me with yours. What rules are you going to be using them for?

  7. Pirates always make for a colorful army. I look forward to seeing what you do with them.

  8. Woot woot! You're doing the Pirate Army! I can't wait to see them painted and posted. It's such a neat genre and there are some fun sculpts out there. I've got some Reaper Pirates and some Ron and Bones Pirates yet to paint.

    Will you do up a ship? That would be sweet.

  9. Look forward to seeing how this Pirate Painting Project Progresses!

  10. More scurvy dogs have something to say it seems....

    @ DFlynSqrl - they'll definitely colourful

    @ Anne - don't forget, these are 15mm and will be done as an army so mass effect rather than individually beautiful like yours will be.
    There is a ship in my Blue Moon order (from OG UK) and the fleet may expand later

    @ Carl - nice alliteration in your comment! :)

  11. The Pirates sounds very interesting Tamsin.

  12. Just got back from visiting the dozy Feckers at the dole and not a happy bunny and The titel made me laugh...thanks :-D

  13. Arrrhhhh and don't ya forget tha Chinese Pirates.....
    Looking forward to see them painted....

  14. It's been done before but, Arrrh!

  15. @ Rodger - and they'll be Jolly for you!

    @ Paul - you're welcome!

    @ Markus - my pirates will be multi-racial. I can't remember whether I had included any Chinese in the orders I placed, but I did order some Indonesians and Malays.

    @ Sean - arrrrh indeed!