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Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Koreans Day 02

Loki's Prize Draw 

Andrew Saunders, my fellow Brush Ronin, is celebrating the 2nd birthday of his "Loki's Great Hall" blog with a fantastic prize draw. We all like free stuff, and all you need to do is be a public follower of the blog and leave a comment on that post.

Koreans Day 02

Well, my lost voice has returned but I'm still croaky. Unfortunately it got replaced by a fever today that has been slowly subsiding. I'm still about 1C over normal body temperature. So, off work again.

I did manage to get some painting done. Surprisingly I got more done than I'd expected. I've been working on the light horse today and they're very close to being finished - I just need to do the ink wash and touch up the white, then coat with Klear. I should point out that I did do the horse flesh colours last night.

So, some piccies:

From everything I've read about the medieval Koreans, although the infantry uniforms were rather bland, that was not the case with the cavalry. So, I've gone with a pretty colourful uniform for these guys.

I'm still umming and ahhhing over the army list for Campaign. Do I take an IC for the extra +1 on cohesion tests from shooting or do I use the extra points he would cost to buy more troops (or better ones)? Do I take my medium foot as 6s or 8s? Do I take 6 BGs of lancers to maximise my pre-battle initiative or take less lancers and risk not getting to choose the terrain type? Lots of decisions to make and they will determine  what I need to paint up.


  1. You are really fast!! We will see a nicely painted Korean army very soon. good job!! Love the infantry too.


  2. Nice work Tamsin, thanks for the pimp ;)

  3. Terrific, Tamsin - and huge congratulations on starting something so quickly after the Swiss! I'm deeply in awe of your painting speed and quality and dedication!

  4. Tmsin,
    Feel better soon! Although if this is what you can do when you are sick, you must be a painting dynamo when healthy.
    Curmudgeonly yours,

  5. Gorgeous colouring on these Tamsin!

  6. Very nice job on these figures. Hope you feel better soon.
    I recommend more troops with the extra point; you can't have a bold flanking maneuver without plenty of troops in your army.

  7. Thanks all - glad you like these guys. :)

    @ Einar and Jerry - I think my painting output during the Challenge shows how fast I can paint when healthy (and put my mind to it). Added to that, the paint scheme for these lends itself to fast painting (they are uniform troops, so no chopping and changing paints between figures - that was a real speed-killer with the Swiss).

    @ Andrew - happy to pimp your prize draw (and blog)! :)

    @ Sidney - I was hoping for a bit of a break before painting up another army, but then Campaign reared its head and I needed to paint one up sooner than I'd intended.

    @ Rodger - cheers!

    @ Michael - it is a nice colour scheme isn't it?

    @ Mike - I'm definitely leaning that way now. I just need to work out the best mix for the points.