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Thursday, 25 April 2013

Pirate Booty

Aaarrrhhh, me hearties. You will remember that my good (well, as good as any of us piratical types can be) accomplices of the freebooter Royal Mail did try to bring me a package from ole Captain Grumpy yesterday, but I did be aways from me port so they missed me. Wells, they dids think it unsafe (and rightly so) to leaves me package there where scurvy dogs coulds ave aways with it in mes absence.

So, they did take it away to a safe spot and did leaves me a treasure map to finds it. Sos, this morning I did sets out to recover me treasures. 'twas but a small chest, but full to the brim of silvery goodness....

The treasure chest


Malays and Chinese

Portugese and Africans

Boat and ships guns

Pigs, dogs and horses

OK, that's enough silly piratical mangling of the English language for one post.

Koreans WIP

Last night I prepped the figures for my regular ("Kwang Gun") foot units and left them soaking in soapy water overnight. This morning I rinsed them and left them out to dry while I was at work. This evening I have glued them onto their bases and primed them. I have learnt one lesson from doing the levy troops on their bases - don't add the gravel yet!

I'll make a start on the cavalry tomorrow night. I'll be splitting them into two groups of 36 - guard and non-guard cavalry.


  1. My Disney galleon is arriving...and its guns are ready to fire... :-p


  2. 'Tis a nice trove of treasure ye have there me lass :)

  3. As I was reading I was thinking of Cutthroat Island.......avast I say to all landlubbers!

  4. Is there ever enough Piratical Mangling? :)

    You are an inspiration Tamsin - you keep on plugging away at your lead mountain; I just wish I could do the same with mine!

  5. A box of shiny metal, sounds like treasure to me!!

  6. *snicker snicker*

    The girl said 'booty.'


    It is possible that I spend far too much time in the company of 13-year-olds.

    Seriously, nice haul of lead. I am looking forward to Historicon this summer so that I can load up on the addiction some more.

  7. I expect to see Parrots, eye patches, hooks instead of hand, wooden legs and treasure chests. I look forward to seeing all the conversions JK. Seriously It could be a very bright and colourful force, I wish you the very best of luck. Looking forward to seeing it advance.

  8. Lol nice post. Are you happy with the miniatures?

  9. Looking forward to seeing the progress on these why they are started. I wish my wife view little boxes filled with soldiers as treasure :)


  10. A true treasure for a fair maiden to be sure! All its needin is a slap of paint and yoo will be fair set of sail!

  11. Look good and Chinese pirates....yeeesssssss

    let's see them soaked in paint and by the way where is the parrot???? No Pirate Queen without a parrot.

  12. @ Marzio - Ahoy!

    @ Anne - and mnore piratical silver to come :)

    @ Fran - or was it Geena David in Cutthroat Island you were thinking of? ;)

    @ cmnash - I think there can be too much piratical mangling if, like me, you are a linguistic pedant *lol*
    As for plugging away at my lead mountain, well, I seem to be acquiring lead faster than I'm painting it.... :(

    @ Rodger - indeed it is treasure to drool over :)

    @ J Womack - "in the company of 13-year olds" - you mean your average adult male then? ;)
    Go on, feed that lead addiction :)

    @ Clint - some of the figures do have hooks, peglegs, eye-patches and parrots so you will get to see those. Hopefully none of the parrots are Norwegian Blues though - I'm not sure my pirates would want to visit the fjords to stop them pining ;)

    @ Nathan - the sculpts look good, but not a great variety in each pack. However, as I'm getting packs from a wide range of manufacturers that doesn't matter so much.

    @ Ross - that's the benefit for me of being single. Noone to complain about my ever expanding treasure hoard :)

    @ Herkybird - yup, a slap of paint and a ship or two to sail in and they'll be fit to ravage the high seas

    @ Markus - there will be parrots on pirates' shoulders when the army is complete :)

    1. Not too much it might be a bit painful having a Norwegian Blue nailed to their shoulders ... it is the only way to keep them upright after all ...