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Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Lots and lots to report

3rd Analogue Painting Challenge - the Awards

Curt posted the various awards a few hours ago. You can view them here.

I was pleasantly surprised to find out that I'd been in the running for the Challengers' Choice award for my Swiss pike block.

I was also pleased to see that two of the entries I'd predicted would get awards did so. The first was Michael Awdry's "Seven Samurai in Greyscale"; the second was Phyllion's "Lady in White".

An Early Birthday Present!

No, I'm not referring to the big UK news of the day. I'm talking about a little package I got in the post today. A few weeks back, I won some FoG markers in the prize draw on Phil B's blog. They were in the package and will be very handy indeed. Thanks Phil!

Koreans WIP

When I got up this morning I discovered that I'd lost my voice. Well, I could just about manage a very hoarse whisper. It's started to come back now, so I should be OK tomorrow.

So, as I couldn't work (my job does involve a lot of talking) I made a start on the Koreans. Last night I had primed the light foot, light horse and levy troops with Vallejo white polyurethane primer. I decided to have a bash on the light foot. Amazingly, I have managed to get them finished apart from matt varnish and flocking (I may be able to get that done tomorrow evening). Here's a couple of pics taken before I gave them a coat of Klear:

I'm quite pleased with how they've come out. However, painting these has made me decide to do the Kwang Gun (regular) medium foot on painting sticks rather than on bases. It would just be too fiddly trying to get to the details with 3 figures on the bases. I should be OK doing the levy medium foot on their bases as their clothing is much simpler.

This evening I have been killing off one of my dry-brushes doing the metalwork on the heavy cavalry. Half of them had the horse barding done with silver, the other half I used silver with a little bit of gunmetal blue mixed in to give the barding a blue sheen. I'll be painting the latter up as Singi Guard.

Here's a pic of the current production line:


  1. Hi Tamsin,

    congrats for Curt's Award. It's well deserved!


  2. The troops are looking great Tamsin, did you lose your voice because of the cheering yesterday or was it didgy champagne?

  3. Nice work once again Tamsin. The pike block was a very worthy contender for a prize.

  4. Well done Tamsin.
    Love these to, great paint job

  5. They are coming along very nicely. Sorry to hear you had lost your voice, glad it's recovering. Best wishes Clint.

  6. THey look good Tamsin. Hope they will be luckier than those played by Gordon against me yesterday ;)



  7. The Koreans are looking really good Tamsin.

  8. Congratulations on the nomination! It sure was an impressive unit.

    The Koreans look great so far.

  9. Cheers guys!

    @ Monty - I was only nominated, I didn't win! :)

    @ Ray - I'd lost it before I even saw the news and ended up not bothering to get any bubbly (didgy, dodgy or otherwise) ;)

    @ Andrew - I can see why people thought it should be in the running - the sheer impact of them all massed up en bloc was impressive.

    @ Kev - they're great figures to paint, but I have had to adapt my technique to do them. Given the amount of white I've switched to doing a wash with "Warm Grey" ink to shade, then touching up the white afterwards. I'm also going to be using straight Klear rather than with ink mixed in for the gloss coat.

    @ Clint - cheers!

    @ Seb - Gordon was fielding Koreans? I'd have thought he'd be taking Chinese to Campaign. I'm not sure whether to rely on luck or my generalship with this army - which do you think is worst for me? ;)

    @ Rodger - thanks!

    @ Jonas - cheers! The big block certainly looked scarily impressive! :)

  10. Well he doesn't really know which army he 'll play with, yet. As for you, you have some decent troups to compensate your luck. So you must maximize your generalship capabilities;)



  11. The Archers look nice, I don't see a picture of te production line at the end.

  12. @ Seb - easier said than done. The trouble is that on those rare occasions when I display semi-competent generalship the dice gods hate me *grin*

    @ Sean - well s[potted. I've added it now.