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Saturday, 27 April 2013

Pirate Plunder #2; Korean Cavalry WIP

Arrrrrr! More plunder has come in to my pirate port.

Some books:

Some more shinies:

Another treasure chest
Engineers and Sedan Chair
French Marlburian era troops
Marlburian era troops in tricornes
Supplies and a tent

Yes, that is an Arab-style tent. I figures that any pirate captain able to assemble such a large force would want something a bit flamboyant as their command post when on land. However, this one is rather small, so I may need to order the larger one.

As for the Marlburian era troops, I got them to see whether they'd be suitable for inclusion in my pirate army.  A few of them are, the rest I can use for colonial troops if I find a suitable set of pirate skirmish rules alongside any pirates that I have left over from doing my FoG:R army.

Korean Cavalry WIP

I've made some good progress on the first batch of cavalry. These will be Kwang Gun or Singi Gun cavalry - probably the latter as that upgrades them from Average to Superior. Having done a bit more research into their armour I found I'd made a boo-boo when I started them a couple of weeks ago. I'd dry-brushed their coats with Oily Steel, however their armour actually consisted of metal or leather plates/scales inside a coat with rivets showing through on the outside.

From what I've been able to gather the guard cavalry would have had red coats, other cavalry blue. I've done the officers with different colours to mark them out.

The horses still need a bit of work - I need to do some as bays, lighten the tails of a couple of the chestnuts and do leg markings.

The riders have a few more steps to do to finish them, but I should be able to complete them tomorrow.


  1. The cavalry are coming along very nicely! Some lovely looking goodies you have there too.

  2. Pirates...my Disney Galleon is approaching...together its terrible and perfidious crew...

    However in "The Age of Discovery" rules there' s a scenario, the storming of Panama, if I don' t make a mistake, where a pirates army attack a city... ;-)


  3. Wow! You are going all out on your Pirate Army. I think this is going to be loads of fun and you'll have to corral some of these guys to get into this with you.

  4. Arragh your work rate is impressive matey!!
    Looking forward to seeing this progress!

  5. I think you may need a few more books!! I like the Black Hat figures, I bought a couple of the Sedan chairs at Salute, not sure how I'm going to use them, but you now what its like, me want! and all that!

  6. Koreans are coming on very nicely. As for the Pirates I await with interest to see how these will turn out.

  7. There is nothing like feeding the disease.

  8. This sounds great looking forward to seeing the pirate army take shape.

  9. Cool....ermmm I mean Aaarrrrhh. But where is the parrot???
    The Koreans are great a bit unusual but great. Show us more....

  10. @ Rodger - cheers!

    @ Marzio - the Buccaneers attacked a number of cities, towns and fortresses during the 1600s. The capture of Panama city was led by Henry Morgan [immortalised in a brand of rum :)] and after marching across the isthmus they defeated the Spanish in a battle outside the walls. As a plundering expedition it wasn't successful though - the Spanish had managed to get almost all the loot onto ships in the harbour and safely away.

    @ Anne - how could doing a pirate army not be fun? :)

    @ Willie - progress on the pirates won't commence for a little while yet. Once the Koreans I need for Campaign are done I want to finish off my Sarmatians and 30YW stuff, but I could throw in some pirates here and there as a break.

    @ Ray - I believe that John the OFM has a set of rules for Sedan chair racing (although that could just be running joke).
    The Black Hat figures do look very nice, with a great price to boot :)

    @ Clint - the pirates will turn out well, trust me :)

    @ Fran - but spreading it is even better :)

    @ Simon Q - it will take shape very quickly once I start work on it.

    @ Markus - the parrots have to fly all the way across the Atlantic, but they should be hear soon :)

  11. Well you have certainly kept your rate of fire up and high.

    Looking forward to seeing one lot finished and the others started.


  12. Thanks for showing your booty. ;) The Koreans are coming along nicely.

  13. @ Ian - I'm not sure how I've managed it, but I have. I'm pretty sure I'll get the Koreans done with a little time to spare, but may have to take the foot into work to do some painting at lunchtime.
    The pirates may suffer a delayed start as I don't want to kick off painting them until I've got everything I need in.

    @ Sean - you're welcome. This lot of cavalry should get finished tonight.

  14. Tamsin - the Black Hat French WSS figures are the dogs knadgers - only matched in my view by the same from Minifigs (which are totally different style)...

    PS. Suggest you might want to do some obscuring of your details in that second picture.... :o)

    1. Oh rats - hadn't noticed my address showing in that pic. Thanks for letting me know!

      The Black Hat figures definitely look very nice.

  15. Nice work on the cavalry. You're progressing nicely. I need to start getting to work on my own cavalry too from LoTR's, but I have so much other miniatures I need to get out of the way too.

    I'm thinking of setting my goal to finishing my whole Dwarf army by the end of May. That way I can move on to the next lot, though it probably won't be the cavalry lol.

    Nathan's Fiction Sphere