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Wednesday, 3 April 2013

15mm Swiss Commanders & Secret Projects

And they are done! So, that's my medieval Swiss army completed (apart from the camp) at least until I decide to order some more halberdiers (no more pikes though - I've got quite enough of those chappies, thank you!).

As these are going to be used for FoG, I've done 7 command stands - 4 troop commanders, 2 field commanders and 1 inspired commander.

So, here are some pics.

All 7 stands together:

The 4 Troop Commanders:

The 2 Field Commanders:

The Inspired Commander:

I haven't done the flags yet - I'll be doing a big flagging session this weekend.

Secret Projects

I now have all the bits and pieces for these. The correct item from the company that sent me the wrong one last week arrived today, along with a couple of freebie bits which will actually go very well with it and should add something extra to the scene. The company's customer service was very good - quick, courteous and helpful. Unfortunately I can't say any more right now as it could give people an idea of what one of the secret projects is.

All will be revealed at Salute for those who are there or later that day for those who can't make it.


  1. Very secret squirrel Tamsin, until the 20th then!

  2. Nice command stands Tamsin, we'll have to wait until Salute then?? Come on give us a clue!!

  3. These have come up a treat. Lovely work Tamsin.

  4. Very nice command stands. I guess those of us on the interwebs will have to wait until the 21st.

  5. Yup, you've just got to wait until then. They are gifts that I'm sure the recipient/s will love.

  6. great command stands, look forward to seeing the secret bits at salute

  7. This was a monumental work Tamisin.

    I hope that "one special item" arrived :)

  8. All right then, I'll wait till Salute.

  9. Very nice work to go with the others from the challenge.

    Your secret project is a Klingon costume ;-)


  10. @ Anne - yup, it arrived yesterday :)

    @ Ian - have you been snooping? ;)

    Glad you all like the commanders :)

  11. Fabulous Tamsin, I always impressed at the consistency of your work - I think I would have given up and gone to the pub hours ago! As for the secret project, all very mysterious.

  12. Terrific command stands, Tamsin. They complement the army really well. I'm looking forward to seeing the camp, and hopefully catching up at Salute!

  13. Excellent work Tamsin.
    Nothing like a good flagging session to end the week.
    Ooo errr, lol

  14. Beautiful work on the Swiss Tamsin, really like your basing.

  15. Well done!
    Inspired commander is inspiring...looking forward to seeing them with flags

  16. @ Michael - my background is as a lab tech so consistency is something that comes naturally to me :)

    @ sidney - I'm looking forward to meeting so many people at Salute and you are certainly one of them.

    @ Kev - I think a flagon session is much more desirable!

    @ Rodger - I'm pleased with how the basing has come out with these, combining the two types of stoniness of the various troops in the army.

    @ Donogh - once they are flagged up (command stands and pike blocks) I'll have to arrange a game at the club and do a photo-shoot of the army before setting up.

  17. Secret project secret project...Cioporeporter is lurking to unveil it...and before of Salute...Cioporeporter is unstoppable... :-p