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Saturday, 20 April 2013

Salute 2013 - the Swag

Post 2 of 4 about Salute. And this is the one with my swag.

I did go along with a shopping list and was able to get evewrything apart from some Oriental scenery from Kerr & King. When prepping for the show, they cast up what they thought people were likely to be after and the Oriental buildings and fortifications weren't on that list. However, I was the 5th or 6th customer asking for them. They did have display pieces for the fortifications which looked pretty damned good, so I will be placing an order over the interweb.

So, piccy time!

First up, some foam trays from Figures In Comfort (for my Saga warbands and X-Wing); a pack of the new Gripping Beast Dark Age Warriors; a FoG:R army list book (this is the one with "Buccaneers" - I quite fancy doing a pirate army some time); an X-Wing Tie Fighter expansion (I still can't find an X-Wing expansion for love nor money); a W&N Series 7 #1 brush; a Norman "Dux" figure from Conquest Games; Salute dice from the goodies bag

Some Renedra plastics - wattle fencing and Saxon tents; some stuff from 4Ground - an Anglo-Danish hovel and 3 peasant ox carts; some resin wagon loads; and It's That Man Again - the Dux has snuch into this photo as well!

Some colourful flowery tufts.

Some 15mm grav vehicles from Critical Mass Games - 3 heavy tanks and 3 APCs

That evil man John "Mr GZG" Tuffley parted me from my cash again! This bunch is the Crusties start pack plus a pack of Crusties civilians.

6mm ACW from Baccus - 2 Union infantry booster packs; 2 packs of cavalry (1 x kepi, 1 x hats) and a pack of Parrott rifled artillery. My plan is to do up a good sized force to try out the Polemos rules later this year. I might need to add some more artillery and cavalry later on and get some more flags.

And that's it! I managed to stick within my budget. There were temptations to spend more, but I'd run out of space in my backpack and I didn't think that any more weight was sensible.

"Ahhh, but where's your sprue of the Salute 2013 Jason mini?" you ask. Well, Andres over at Einar Olafson Painting had an impromptu draw on his blog last night. Three lucky folks who commented before 11pm would get their mini assembled and painted by him. As it turned out, I was one of only 3 people who commented so I was a winner!

Andres was painting minis at the Warlord Games stall all day, so I popped over and gave him my sprue. We had a chat and he showed me what he was currently working on - some casualty figures (ECW Scots? Well, definitely Scots, and I presume ECW). They looked fab.


  1. Wow, that's a good swag. I didn'tenter the draw because I'd like to paint it.


  2. Nice loot!
    You were lucky to find a TIE fighter expansion – they're almost impossible to find, the X-Wing even more so.

    If you need any more Critical Mass stuff in the future let me know. Craig is one of my friends from back home – I designed the packaging for the blisters as a favour so I'm sure I could get 'mates rates' on some gear!

  3. Damm girl! You beat up that credit card eh? Wow, that is a nice pile of swag to return with!

  4. Love the Christmas style pictures!

  5. This is the exciting part for me, seeing what you guys bought. Oh girl, you did good!

    Please do a Pirate Army as I would love to see that.

  6. The 4Ground stand was really busy all day. I think a lot of people bought a building or two just to see how they went together.

    I was tempted by Baccus but went for 10mm Pendrakens instead.

  7. I love the GZG and CMG stuff... I can always find more to buy from them!

  8. Nice haul! You're right, that lot would make a fairly packed backpack. What would have happened if they did bring the oriental scenery? You'd have to hire a Sherpa to help you bring it all home!

  9. My haul is VERY modest by comparison. Looks like you done very well. Nice one mate.

  10. That is what I call shopping!!

  11. Now that's how a woman shops, good haul.

  12. Good haul! And not even spent up.

  13. WOW, did you bring a truck to get it all home?
    I can see there is no crisis on the other end of the canal ;-)
    Now I am even more jelous not beeing able to come there...
    Seems you had the day of your life there

  14. @ all - thanks! It was a decent haul!

    @ Mike R - I got them as platoon packs, so slightly cheaper than buying singly. They look cool, so I'll be getting some more stuff to fill out my armoured/mechanised force.

    @ Styx - cash only! Best way to control the spending :)

    @ Anne - OK then, just for you - I'll definitely do a pirate army :)

    @ Curt - as the Oriental scenery would have been resin, it wouldn't have weighed much. I'd have had to re-pack my bag though.
    Sherpas would have been useful though....

    @ Fran - are you saying you have a split personality (technically)? ;)

    @ Ray - are you suggesting that you didn't spend a ton?

    @ Phyllion - if they'd had the scenery, I would have gone a little over budget and had to hit my reserve cash! :)

    @ Remco - a truck would have been even more useful. I think I might have to bring a wheelie case next year! :)

  15. Ohh Shiny! Some lovely goodies there and reminded me that I need some more tufts - Damn!

  16. The X-Wing expansions are apparently going to be available in the UK again come May - the story is, they're all handpainted so take an age to produce (although that doesn't explain why wave 2 was delayed 4 months over here...)

  17. @ Michael - there are more shows soon. If you lose lots of tufts, I discovered after buying these that they also do bigger packs of them. I might have to remember that the next time I run out of grass tufts.

    @ myincubliss - yup, they are handpainted. I think their big problem is that FFG keep underestimating how many models people will buy, particularly for the fighter expansions.

  18. That's a very nice haul. I'm looking at getting into Xwing myself, looks like fun. Shame they seem to be difficult to find expansions for.

  19. Good grief, you really were busy!!!

  20. @ Adam - yup, it's a pain how quickly they disappear off the shelves. I think Wayland have some Y-Wing and A-Wing expansions still. It's the original expansions that are the hardest to find.

    @ Arbal - sorry to make you jealous. Are they difficult to get hold of where you are?

    @ Sidney - busy, but I did manage to stay within my budget (just)

  21. Nice haul of loot there. It was good to see you again at the blogger meet-up...and your special prize for Ray was a classic moment never to be forgotten.