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Thursday, 28 January 2016

Challenge Day 40 - WIPs and Goodies

I've had today off work. I was waiting in for the redelivery attempt of a parcel, which arrived at lunchtime. this is what was in it:

I bought these so that I can take them to work to display some of my painted figures in the office. Or at home.

I finished off the basing on the Aztec jaguar warriors and the pumas. Photos were taken and I've submitted the draft post for Saturday.

I also finished off painting the 6mm Reb artillery crews, varnished them, snipped them apart from each other, glued them to bases and added the basing gunk:

They'll be drybrushed and flocked tomorrow.

As I had some time, I've started work on another entry for this weekend. I wanted something quick and easy, so I picked out the 6 wolves I'd based and primed a few weeks ago. After giving them a mix of basecoat colours and a black wash, I've started the process of alternating drybrush and wash steps. I should be bale to finish that tonight which leaves the bases, eyes and mouths to paint tomorrow.

That's it for today. My points haul this weekend won't be that big, but points are points as they say.


  1. groovy. Nice to display a few minis. they are usually sitting in boxes awaiting the next game. cheers

  2. At least you'll be getting a pojnts gaul this weekend!

  3. At least you'll be getting a pojnts gaul this weekend!

    1. Good grief Ray, I almost needed a translator for that!

    2. What's this about a Gallic pojnt?

  4. @ Brendon - that's the plan - get 'em out there for people to see and admire :)

    @ Ray - the sheer gall of double-posting a comment like that! ;)

    @ Millsy - almost? ;)

    @ Brian - I have no idea what a pojnt, Gallic or otherwise, is! :)


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