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Monday, 25 January 2016

Challenge Day 37 - I Tought I Taw A...

...puddy cat!

Well, the two pumas (or cougars - lock up your sons!) are finished apart from adding basing texture. I've also made good progress on the Jaguar warriors.

I'm currently working on the shield designs - base coats for the designs have been painted, although I seem to have made a bit of a mess of one and need to go back and redo it (or do a simpler design). Then the rims and designs will get highlighted. That just leaves adding spots to the helmets, dotting black into the helmet eyes and painting the obsidian blades on the clubs.

After work today I popped down to Orcs Nest to pick up some 40mm round bases and see what they had in the Reaper Bones racks that I could use for Mexicagrave or for a bonus theme round.

I ended up leaving the store with this lot:


The figure on top of "En Garde!"  is the promo figure for the rules. The sculpt itself looks very nice, but the casting leaves a lot to be desired. There's a lot of flash, mould lines and vent stubs that need to be cleaned. Not a big problem really.

However, the big problem is with the figure's sword. There is a huge lump of flash between the blade and his left leg. And it's not thin flash which can be poked out with a needle file. I'll probably have to drill through the flash in a few places to create space to get needle files in. I'm not sure it's worth the effort though.


  1. Your Aztecs are phenomenal looking! Great job!

  2. No soccer moms in the Aztec army, I suppose... ;) Some nice additions to your collection! :D Cheers!

  3. Spot of retail therapy then! Not sure I'd bother drilling out that sword, just leave it black and claim it was shadow in the photographs.

  4. Those Aztecs you're painting really are nicely done.

    Incidently, there a female 'adult entertainer' using the talent name "Puma Swede", who's probably classed as a cougar. So anyone doing a google search might just end up on this blog post :))
    [Best we don't go into details about how I know about these things!]

  5. @ Ted - thanks! :)

    @ RMacedo - I don't believe they had soccer, so no soccer mums. Probably a good thing ;)

    @ Michael A - just a few small purchases to tide me over. Leaving that lump of flash is an option as you say, but it would bug me endlessly :)

    @ Roy - thanks! Details not necessary; I can guess! :p
    If it does inadvertently drive up the hits on this post, that's all to the good - it may even inspire those visitors to take up the hobby ;)


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