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Tuesday, 5 January 2016

Challenge Day 17 - Minion/Overlord Duty

Well, today was (still is for a few more hours) my first tour of duty helping out Curt as an adjudicator for the Challenge. It's been pretty quiet so far, with only two entries (one each from Curt and Teemu). I'll bet that everybody on the Tuesday list is beavering away frantically to finish pieces off and will submit them just before the deadline, meaning I'll have to post them tomorrow.Either that or they have run out of steam or are working on points bombs.

This evening I have added some basing gunk to the Aztecs; a mix of acrylic modelling paste, large grain gel and medium grey ballast. It's still drying/curing, but might be cured enough for me to prime just before I go to bed.

Tomorrow night I'll start work on painting them. As these are the low level "grunt" warriors, the colour schemes will be fairly simple, so there's a chance I may actually finish painting them (provided I don't go OTT with layering highlights!). That will just leave the bases to finish.

Well, that's all for now folks - I'm off to check if there are any more submissions for me to adjudicate!


  1. I've been looking forward to your Aztec Frostgrave project.

  2. I am also looking forward to the Pre-Columbian frostrgave.
    You did not have too many submissions for your Duty on Curt's blog. I suspect there will be less after each bonus round as that may take painting priority for many of us. So expect to busy next week! (And by the way a great job).

  3. Sorry not to have troubled you my Overlord, still in a post theme round slump!

  4. Ooo interesting faction selection. Looking forward to seeing these done lovely looking minis


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