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Wednesday, 13 January 2016

Challenge Day 25 - Rebs Day Wotever +1

Having realised that the remaining stages on the 6mm Reb infantry won't take much time each evening (but will take some time in between) I decided that my first task this evening would be to prime the Aztecs and wildlife so that I can, perhaps get some of them painted alongside finishing the basing on Rebs.

I then set about the messy task of adding basing gunk to the Rebs. An hour and a bit later, all 22 bases were done.

The gunk will need to dry overnight, then tomorrow I'll brush off any loose stones and sand before drybrushing them. At that point I'll decide whether to carry on with the Rebs and do the flocking, or start painting some of the Aztecs.

I took some pics of the various stages of the basing, which I'll post as a "how to" in a few days.

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  1. Nice work Tasmin. I go blind just trying to see the detail on those 6mms let alone trying to paint them.


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