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Thursday, 7 January 2016

Challenge Day 19 - Aztec Painting

Last night I made a very good start on painting the Aztec grunts. I didn't complete them, but got very close. A couple of hours work tonight and they'll be finished. Here's a pic of how I left them:

I was also doing some work on the scatter mix I'll be applying to the bases. As the setting for my Frostgrave campaign will be an ancient city in a jungle, the scatter should look like detritus from all the vegetation - leaves, bits of wood etc. The easiest way I could see of doing this is to use some dried herbs, but as these are green when bought I was going to need to stain them brown to represnt decay. For a trial I split a small jar of mixed herbs between two cups, one with diluted burnt umber ink, the other with diluted dark brown craft paint.

After letting the herbs soak for a few hours, the mixes were (separately) strained through a tea strainer then spread over some tin foil and dried in the oven at a low temperature. I'll post some pics tonight to show how they've come out.


  1. They look terrific as they are Tamsin. Great work and the shading on their hair and flesh really looks the business. Terrific WIP :-)

  2. Looking forward to seeing the results of your herb experiment!

    1. The cookies are in the oven right now :-)

    2. as are the brownies ;)

      *munchies, munchies*

  3. Excellent. I love the whole concept of your Frostgrave jungle setting!

  4. They look really nice so far. cheers

  5. @ Blax - The flesh still needs highlighting and there are some details still to do, or to highlight :)

    @ Mike - results are up [next post] :)

    @ David - I've seen other people using them, but I don't think they tried staining them :)

    @ Legatus - thanks! I believe someone else might have had the same idea (I think I saw reference to it on a forum after I'd had the thought). No need to use the fluff setting after all.I know some people who are planning "Sandgrave" projects and I've seen "StarWarsGrave" AARs posted on the web :)

    @ Brendon - thanks! :)


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