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Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Challenge Day 23 - Phew!

Thank goodness! I've finally finished the touch-ups, painted the drums and done the few bits of metal that needed doing. I've also managed to varnish them tonight (hence the post-midnight posting).

Tomorrow evening, in between my adjudication duties, I'll be popping the figures off their painting sticks, mixing them up a bit and sorting them out into what I need for each base. Then gluing all the strips onto the bases.

Wednesday night will see me adding the basing gunk. That will need to dry at least overnight before brushing off any loose sand and doing the drybrushing. Friday night will see me doing the flocking, adding the flags and taking photos for my submission on Saturday (unlike Miles, I do know what my submission day is *lol*).

These have been a long grind to paint up and I need a break doing something else before I paint the Zouaves, cavalry, artillery and generals. I'll probably paint some more Aztecs for "Mexicagrave" and maybe some 15mm Koreans, most likely the infantry for my Righteous Army.


  1. Nearly there Tamsin, keep going!

  2. Great work on the rebs - I look forward to seeing how you'll base them up

  3. My mind boggles! Impressive stuff!

  4. @ Hobbyworker - thanks! :)

    @ Michael A - the hardest part is over now; the rest just takes ages for each step :)

    @ Miles - they'll be based up much the same as my Blue bellies from last year :)

    @ Ted - cheers! :)

    @ Gordon - your mind boggles? Imagine what ti's doing to mine! ;)


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