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Thursday, 21 January 2016

Challenge Day 32 - Righteous Army Day 4

The Righteous Army figures are now almost finished, so I won't be posting any more WIP pics of them.

Don't panic though, I do have a pic I can show you. During a break to let one colour fully dry before the next stage on the Righteous Army, I decided to make a quick start on the Aztecs and did the red basecoat. During the next break, I gave the Aztecs a wash of thinned Black Red.

I should finish the Righteous Army tomorrow and hopefully will be able to make some good progress on the Aztecs as well - if all goes well, all of the figures will be finished on Friday night and I'll have the weekend clear to work on my entry for the third bonus theme round.


  1. > my entry for the third bonus theme round
    Looking forward to that! Who are you taking to task this time round? :-)

  2. Still churning them out then Tamsin, a veritable painting machine.

  3. @ Millsy - no mickey-takes with this one if I do it. Now that I've set the wrecking ball in motion, I'm just sitting back enjoying the ensuing chaos :)

    @ Chris - cheers! :)

    @ Michael A - thanks! I might be slowing down a little now :)


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