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Monday, 3 December 2018

Monday Update 03 December

Jeepers! It's December already. And just 18 days to go until AHPC9 kicks off. As the late, great Sid James might say "Blimus!".

I haven't done anything more to the stowage bases that I showed you on Friday. That's mostly because I've been focused on sorting out paperwork for the past few days. It had been building up for several years without being filed, so it was about time to bite the bullet and get it done. It should take me a few more sessions to finish.

However, I have got a few things done:

6mm ACW buildings and bridges

More containers and some skips

Horses for my WotR army...

...and the riders

I need to make up some blocks to hold the riders - that's a job for tomorrow - and then I can get those primed as well.

I'll also need to do some planning of what to paint in the first two days of the Challenge, before I head off to Sussex for Christmas. I definitely want to get something submitted on Day 1, just to kick things off.

And then there are a few purchases I need to make - some figures & models, some bases, some foam storage trays. On top of that, at some point I'll be taking delivery of a lot of shinies from the first ever Kickstarter that I've back - Bad Squiddo's "Onna Bugeisha".


  1. Loads of stuff going on there Tamsin!

  2. Wow!! Loads of prep taking place, Tamsin. Really looking forward to seeing these projects spring to life for the AHPC :-)

  3. Looking forward to seeing those WOTR MAA's!

  4. Lovely paint tray!
    We look forward to seeing the Baccus buildings painted... we have so many to paint but We have not decided yet between white or black base!
    Be carefull... too much containers need a cargo... a harbour...

  5. The pile for the Challenge gorws and grows... you'll be unstoppable this year

  6. “Prep work makes easy work” or so I am told. 😀

  7. @ Fran - there surely is :)

    @ Blax - well, with a 3000 point traget, I need to get lots of prep done before the Challenge starts :)

    @ Herkybird - I'm not sure when they will be hitting thr front of the paint queue. Possibly February if other projects pan out :)

    @ L'Empereur - thanks! For 6mm I think a black base will be easiest to work from as it gives a lot of shadow which will help with contrast :)

    @ Martin - indeed :)

    @ Benito - I'm not sure about unstoppable, given the outputs that certain people manage every year :)

    @ Stew - I wouldn't call assembling Perry plastics easy work. And I've got lots more to do... :)