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Thursday, 6 December 2018

Thursday Workbench 06 December

I finally had a day where it was dry and not too windy, so I managed to get some spray priming done outside.

Hopefully the weather will be OK tomorrow so that I can prime the cargo ship.

I also managed to put together some nail blocks for painting the WotR riders:

On top of that, I started work on painting these gates for Gaslands (NB - can also be used as gates for other games):

That's the metal detailing done. I just need to do the weathering on them - that's a job for tomorrow.


  1. You're lucky the weather held for you. It's been freezing here for the past week and that does not facilitate priming. The cold causes the paint to freeze before it can bond with the surface of whatever you are working with and then it simply flakes off.

  2. We can not wait to see it all painted!
    But too bad ... We really liked pink cans!

  3. I have some of those terrain bits lined up for AHPC :D

  4. The Gaslands stuff looks great, Tamsin!

  5. Where do you store all that stuff???

  6. @ Jerry - not having good weather for spray priming is one of the main reasons I decided to invest in an airbrush set-up a few years ago. It was well worth it, especially as my flat is on the second floor (3rd storey).

    @ L'Empereur - well, you'll have to wair a while I'm afraid ;)
    As for pink cans, who knows what colour they'll end up when I paint the terrain :)

    @ Paul = the same terrain? Hmm, are we both Strontying this year? :)

    @ Dallas - the gates are from Products For Wargamers if you're after them :)

    @ Skully - I somehow manage to find places to store everything :)

  7. I'm Necromunda-ing this year :)