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Sunday, 9 December 2018

Sunday Workbench 09 December

Challenge prep has continued apace this weekend. Yesterday I got the riders for my WotR cavalry primed:

On Friday these arrived:

The little black boxes contain Perry metals 8th Army figures; I also purchased a box each of WotR Infantry and Foot Knights from Orcs Nest during the week. I prepped the metal figures on Friday evening, and yesterday stuck them on bases:

I also assembled the plastic 8th Army figures, which will be used as Militia for my WW2 Aussies..

I adapted two of the figures to be have Lewis guns (from colonel Bill's):

The busy-ness has carried on today:

I got the metal and plastic 8th Army figures primed:

And managed to assemble 54 foot knights for my WotR army:

They'll be primed tomorrow.

This week is going to see more prep work being done. I've got 72 longbowmen, 54 billmen and 18 spearmen to assemble and prime, plus foot command figures. I should have some more metal figures arriving in the next few days, which will also need to be prepped. I might even find time to do the weathering on those Gaslands gates.


  1. Inspirational preparation Tamsin, and some cracking conversion work on the two Lewis Gun carriers too. Blimey what a load of miniatures you have ready to go already, and 150(ish) "WotR" to come too!!

  2. That's a boat load of stuff. I'm in a similar boat

  3. Impressed with the range and industry of your work Tamsin ;)
    I could take a leaf from the way you finish projects

  4. I love the way you just get on with building figures and painting, I wish I had your patience and dedication!

  5. Unstoppable! You'll be drowing us in The Challenge

  6. That's a lovely menu for the week... or few days! ;-)
    With all these australian soldiers do you plan to paint some kangaroo ... without gun of course! ;-)

  7. You are cracking on! Well done Tamsin.

  8. I'm dizzy just looking at this. A fantastic variety and I'm feeling the determination from where I'm sitting. All power to you!!! Awesome work, Tamsin!

  9. @ Fran - I am not, repeat, not a machine! :)

    @ Blax - thanks Simon. At the moment, it looks like the WotR will make up nearly half of my target :o

    @ Martin - they're just a mere drop in the ocean of my megalomania :)

    @ Geordie - cheers! Don't take a leaf out of my book, unless you want no other life! ;)

    @ Herkybird - thanks! It's more a case of having lots of time to do it :)

    @ Benito - indeed! Drowning you? Have you been spying on my plans for the "Water feature" bonus round? ;)

    @ L'Empereur - merci! I will confess that I did consider buying and painting some kangaroos as jump off point markers for the Aussies ;)

    @ Curt - cheers! :)

    @ Sidney - thanks! I'm rather dizzy thinking about how much I've got to paint :)