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Thursday, 27 December 2018

AHPC9 Day 7

I'm back from the peace and calm of Sussex! I had a wonderful Christmas break with my sister - lots of good food, fresh air and a teensy-weensy* bit of alcohol.

* if you believe that, then perhaps you would be interested in purchasing this limited edition £10 note - yours for fifty quid...

It seems that my second Challenge entry was posted on Saturday, but hadn't shown up until after I left London on Sunday. That might explain why there were very few comments on it. Here's the teaser pic:

And here's the link.

These are 28mm figures from Bad Squiddo Games. They were painted up at the same time as my entry for the first bonus theme round, but I can't show pics of them for a week or so.

Now that I'm back, I will be hitting the brushes again tomorrow. I've already got the figures and paints I'll need out so that I can crack on with them first thing tomorrow.


  1. Great looking vignettes...enjoy the end of year!

  2. Hi Kiddo!
    Since you've purchased a few things from Annie at Bad Squiddo,, have you looked at the female Soviet soldiers she stocks? They're great and lend themselves to a number of great war game uses. I have a platoon that we are using to replay the fight shown in the mini-series "The Dawns here Are Quiet." The stuff in the photos so far are top notch. Well done - as usual.

  3. Merry Christmas and happy new year.
    You seem to be tearing along with the hobby challenge; I can’t keep up with the posts! 😀

  4. Glad you had a Happy Christmas! I spent mine building AMX-13's, I hope they come out as nice as your figures when I get round to painting the little blighters!

  5. Love the Russian ladies - looking forward to seeing what you have planned for this year’s challenge

  6. @ Fran - thanks! :)

    @ Phil - merci! :)

    @ Jerry - cheers! I have previously painted up some of Annie's Soviet women - looking back, I'm not overly happy with how they came out so I might repaint them. :)

    @ Stew - and to you too! I find that setting aside an hour a day helps to keep up with everyone's posts. It gets easier once the "free fire" period ends as there aren't so many posts every day. For me, I have a reputation to keep up of commenting on just about every post! :)

    @ Herkybird - cheers! AMX-13s? Are you doing Indo-Chine?

    @ Miles - thanks! My "Pile of Potential" post should give a good indication of what might be rolling off my paint table over the next few months :)