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Sunday, 30 December 2018

AHPC Day 10 - Sunday Workbench 30 December

I've just submitted my third entry (technically my fourth, but as my third entry was for the bonus round won't be posted until next weekend, the latest submission will be my third entry. Confused? You should be!) which makes this an eminently sensible time to do a workbench post.

Edit to Add: And it's up - click this link to see it!

Yesterday morning I got round to priming the Russian anti-tank guns:

The small bases behind with the double dice cells will be for recording shock and casualties.

As the free-fire period for submissions ends today and we switch to scheduled submission days - I'm in the Tuesday Terrors group - I'm going to do a few small groups of figures to submit this Tuesday - sorry to spoil your New Year's Day, Lee! I've picked out the first few to work on:

Can't see what they are? Could that be deliberate? *grin*

I'm pretty sure I'll be able to get these finished, maybe even a few more figures, before Tuesday's done.

Back to the Challenge. Currently I am in 25th place with 52 points, but my third entry should see me propelled toward the dizzying heights of the top few.

My next post will probably be on Tuesday. That will be my 1200th post and also my 7th Blogiversary. Have I really been blogging for seven years? It seems that I have. More perplexing, perhaps, is that so many people still follow my witterings!


  1. Great work Tamsin, and its been a lot of fun following your first submission for the AHPC, as well as this blog in general over the years. Tremendous congratulations for both your 1200th post and 7th Blogiversary :-)

  2. Witter away pet! 1200 posts in 7 years is an amazing accomplishment!