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Saturday, 22 December 2018

AHPC9 Day 2

My first submission has been up for a good few hours now, so I think it's safe to post some teaser pics and the link:

View the post here!

I was a little shocked today when some more shinies arrived. I knew they'd been shipped from the US, but I wasn't expecting them for a few more weeks. I was also expecting to get the "red card of extortion" demanding VAT on the import plus a £8 administration charge before Roayl Mail would hand it over. Somehow the package slipped through the net though, so no VAT, no admin charge and shinies delivered without being held to ransom.

"What are these mysterious shinies?" you ask. Without further ado, some photos:

Some more figures for my Aussies, this time from Brigade Games. I mainly ordered these to get this pack:

Engineers. I don't need another flamethrower, so that figure will languish forever in the lead pile, but I did want a mine clearance team, so the FT assistant will end up as the third man for them. Making this purchase also allowed me to see how they compare size-wise against the other ranges in my collection (previous experience suggested they would be noticeably smaller).

Yup, much shorter. However, the Papuans are about the same height as the ones from Warlord and Eureka...

...mostly due to their truly enormous heads!

There was another reason for placing an order with Brigade - they had a pack of WW1 ANZAC Lewis gun teams in their range:

I will need to do quite a bit of modification work to make these fit for WW2 Aussie militia, so that will have to wait until after the Challenge.

Challenge Workbench

I have been working on my next entries today (I did a bit last night as well). I can't show any WIP pics as they are very close to being finished. All that's left to do is to paint the bases and add static grass. One entry will be for the main Challenge, the other is for the first Bonus Theme Round.


  1. Ah, the curse of buying from different manufacturers! Painted up I am sure they will be fine however!

  2. Great start. Interested in the is2 as I've just made up a box of 5 (2xSUs 1xIS1 & 2xIS2s) still need to paint them though - so what paint did you use for yours?

  3. It's silly of us to think our figures should all be the same size and shape. We know we don't all look alike, but it does look better on the table.

  4. @ Herkybird - I'm sure they will :)
    ps they are rather delicious, especially when served with some 'taters ;)

    @ Dannoc - cheers! I airbrushed the greens - 50/50 mix of Camo Dark Green and Russian Green; Russian Green; 50/50 Russian Green and Armour Green; 75/25 of Russian Green and Camo Light Green. That was followed by a wash of Agrax Earthshade then edge highlights with the RG/AG/CLG mix (the last two steps might have been the other way round).

    @ Peter - I know what you mean, but the disparity between Brigade and the other ranges is quite stark. I'm quite happy to use the engineers as a separate team on the table; the Lewis gunners should fit quite nicely with the Perry 8th Army figures I'm using for Aussie militia in New Guinea.