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Wednesday, 19 December 2018

AHPC9 - My Pile Of Potential

With the 9th Analogue Hobbies Painting Challenge due to kick off at 6am (UK time) on Friday, I thought I would get out everything that I have lined up and take a "Before" pic:

Here's what is there (left to right):

Back row - 15mm Ming Chinese handgunners and rocketeers; 28mm Pulp; 5 boards of 28mm Wars of the Roses
Middle row - 2 boards of 15mm WW2 Soviets; 3 boards of 28mm WW2 8th Army (as Aussies for 1942); Strontium Dog figures; 15mm and 28mm odds and sods*
Front row - 2 boards of 15mm Kra'Vak; 2 boards of 15mm SYW Russians; 3 boards of 15mm Mongols

*If they get painted, you'll find out what they are!

Some of you might have noticed that items are missing. There's a good reason for that - my 5' x 3' table wasn't large enough for all of it to fit! Here is the rest:

Apart from the very obvious 28mm cargo ship, here's what you can see (L to R again):

Back row - 20mm containers and skips for Gaslands; 15mm SciFi terrain; terrain from the Strontium Dog starter set; 28mm SciFi terrain
Middle row - 15mm Musketeers and civilians; some more 28mm War of the Roses (which I'd missed when getting out for the previous pic) and Raging Heroes characters; 6mm ACW buildings; 10mm European and Middle East buildings plus 2 Cruel Seas S-Boots
Front row - some heavy support for the 15mm WW2 Soviets; 3 boards of 6mm ACW

Now, the astute among you will have mentally calculated that there is considerably more there than I need for my 3000 point target. You are quite correct in that assessment. Just in case I do somehow manage to burst through my target with time to spare, I will have lots of extra things ready to go. And if I somehow manage to paint all of those, I have a few other bits that are already prepped (but not primed), some things which are primed and a few more orders which may arrive before the end of the Challenge.

The very astute might be wondering about the 15mm WW2 Soviet heavy supports, which have suddenly appeared from nowhere. I placed an order for them at the weekend, they arrived on Monday and I assembled them yesterday.

The tank can be made up as the IS-85, IS-1 or IS-2 - I did it as an IS-2 (I might buy another to do as an IS-1 at some point). The 45mm gun pack can be made up as the M1937 45mm AT gun, the M1942 45mm AT gun or the M1943 76mm infantry gun - I made up two M1937s, and one each of the other two. The ZiS guns can be done as 57mm ZiS-2 or 76mm ZiS-3 - I have done two of each. I'll get them primed tomorrow.

Crikey! That's a lot to paint!


  1. It is indeed a veritable mountain, but remember the Chinese proverb 'A journey of a Thousand miles begins with a single step'

  2. With all this duty, you will not see the sun since several weeks!

  3. That's a fecking lot of potential!

  4. W-O-W! As said in another post, we'll be drowned once you open the gates

  5. Well that's me done ;-)

    I am about to dive back into my prep pile

  6. OMG .. have you army of paint brushed armed elves to help you

  7. This comment has been removed by the author.

  8. Cracking stuff. Looking forward to seeing you nail this little lot ..

  9. That is a healthy goal. Good luck.

  10. A "Pinnacle of potential" waiting to be transformed into a "Pyramid of Perfection" I'd say!

  11. Do you plan to sleep over the next few months?

  12. @ Herkybird - or to adapt it to the present situation "A target of 3000 points begins with painting a single figure" ;)

    @ L'Empereur - It's Britain in the winter, so I won't be seeing the sun in any case! ;)

    @ Francis - it certainly is! :)

    @ Benito - I'm more worried about being buried under a collapsing pile of unpainted lead than drowning in the flood! ;)

    @ Ian - is your prep pile deep enough? We don't want you getting injured by diving into something too shallow ;)

    @ Geordie - nah, just me and my lack of social life! ;)

    @ Dave D - I'll certainly be doing my best to get most of this painted in the next three months, but it's going to be a tough job to manage :)

    @ Dartfrog - thanks! Some might say it is a rather unhealthy goal! ;)

    @ Paul - to get it all done in just three months, it will probably have to be "Pyramid of good-enough" ;)

    @ Ray - yes, at some point. Quite possibly while waiting for steps to dry before starting the next one ;)

    @ Millsy - cheers! :)

  13. Much prefer the Pile of Potential than lead mountain, but that is a serious backlog! Good luck!