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Tuesday, 1 January 2019

AHPC9 Day 12 - HNY and 7th Blogiversary

...and my 1200th post!!

And what a year 2018 has been.  Despite withdrawing from AHPC8, I was still quite productive during the period it was running, albeit that my output was much less than if I had been taking part (I think it would have been about 650 points compared to my usual 2000+ points).  That period saw me finish (usual disclaimers apply) my Ming Chinese army and start on my Sea Peoples army - that was finished not long after the Challenge ended.  I also added a bunch of Choson Korean levy and finally painted some Scythians which had been hanging around for a good few years.

So, let's do a month-by-month round up of what I got up to.

January - Mostly painting Ming Chinese.

February - Painting Ming Chinese and Choson Koreans

March - Started painting Sea Peoples army;  finally painted those Scythian cataphracts and commanders.

April - Finished the Sea Peoples;  went to Salute;  caught the Gaslands bug...

May - Started painting WW2 Aussies;  went to Campaign in Milton Keynes;  Gaslands fever...

June - Painted more WW2 Aussies;  went to Broadside in Sittingbourne;  lots of playing around making tufts.

July - Still more WW2 Aussies

August - too darned hot to do very much

September - went to Colours in Newbury;  caught the Strontium Dog bug...

October - Back to painting WW2 Aussies;  caught the "What A Tanker!" bug;  went to SELWG show;

November - Even more WW2 Aussies!;  a bit of a 15mm tankfest for "What A Tanker!" (reminder to self - buy the bleedin' rules!);  worked on some Gaslands terrain;  started prep for AHPC9

December - Prep, prep, prep and prep.  Oh, a little bit of painting too.

I did get some gaming in at the club, but not as much as I could (or indeed, should) have.  Hopefully I will correct that this year.  I am definitely going to try to get one game a week in during the Challenge, if only to give me a sanity break from all that painting!

Looking forward to 2019, what are my plans?

AHPC9 - I have set myself quite a stretching target this year, but it should be achievable despite lots of my prep-pile being individual paint jobs (characters and irregular troops) rather than serried ranks of uniformed troops.  The three projects I really do want to get completed during this Challenge are my 28mm Wars of the Roses army, my 1942 Aussies and the Strontium Dog figures and terrain.

Shows - I managed to attend five shows in 2018.  This year I hope to get to a few more.  I just need to remember to leave my purse at home...

Gaming - I must knuckle down and get in more gaming in 2019.  ADLG, King of the Battlefield, Chain of Command, "What A Tanker!", Full Thrust, Gruntz, Gaslands

Terrain - I must get some jungle terrain made up.  I have a huge amount of plastic trees, aquarium plants etc just waiting to be painted and added to bases.

Figures - I will not buy any new...oooh!  Shiny!  Errmmm, yes.  Let's ignore that resolution as we all know that I won't keep to it.  And there are a few things that I do need to buy for ongoing projects.

15mm SYW Russians - there are nine more infantry regiments (plus the four that I already have the figures for) that I need to complete this army.  Oh, and the Observation Corps which at roughly double-strength of the regular infantry means 10 more regiments (2 grenadier, 8 musketeer). And some more artillery.  And more Cossacks.

28mm WW2 Aussies - I think I'll have the infantry well and truly covered by the end of AHPC9, so just tanks (another Matilda and some more Stuarts).

28mm WW2 Japanese - the Aussies will need an OpFor after all.

15mm Choson Koreans - you thought I was finished with that army?  So did I, then along come Essex Miniatures and they release a range which includes Hwatcha artillery - must have!  I could also add some more levy to take me to the maximum for FoGAM/FoGR.

15mm Sarmatians - it's about time I pulled my finger out and finished this army.  There are a lot of horses who have been waiting to have their riders painted.

15mm Buccaneers/Pirates - another army which has had primed figures languishing.

Escaping from London! - Part of my plan when quitting my job was to move out of London to somewhere cheaper.  Once I've recovered from AHPC9 I will start looking for a house, probably in the Newark/Nottingham area.  I should be able to buy a 3 bedroom (maybe even 4 bedroom) house which will give me space for a dedicated painting room/office and still have a room for guests.  Not to forget, space for a gaming table.

Quit Smoking - Yes, for those who don't know, I am one of those horrible puffers.  Since quitting my job I have been cutting down the amount I smoke and I am continuing to reduce it. Hopefully I will have stopped totally by my birthday in April.

Blogging - Yes, unfortunately for you, I have no intention of stopping my witterings in the blogosphere.  I think I have found the happy medium of two workbench/update posts per week, plus posts of finished figures, AARs and show reports.

Double-Spacing After Full Stops - I shall endeavour to ensure that I observe this "rule" in all my future posts.  I think I've managed it with this one.

Well, that's about it. I wish for you all that 2019 will see your dice roll high/low as required and that you get all the shinies you want.



(my word!  That was a long post without any pictures!)


  1. A terrific hobby year for you, Tamsin. I hope you have a fabulous 2019 and that we will get in a visit with you at your new abode.

  2. Happy new year. Hope this year goes well with you and moving to the frozen north and the home of toy soldiers will be nice

  3. A great year Tamsin, a great year to come too!

  4. Good summary of the year. Although my writer/english teacher wife always mocks my double space after the full stop as being old fashioned and out of date. Hasn't stopped me though.

  5. Happy New Year! I hope your plans survive first contact with the enemy!

  6. Happy New Year Tamsin and of course happy Blogday! So much achieved and so more more to look forward to.

  7. Happy New Year Tamsin!
    We wish you to achieve all that you have planned!

  8. Good luck with the house move! We're just settling into our London flat, and you never quite realise how much work is in a move until you do it...

  9. Congratulations on your blogaversary and the 1200 post! That quite an achievement in dedication and persistence. 😀
    Sounds like 2018 was a successful year in wargaming with a variety of projects. So good luck in 2019! I think we all struggle to get in more games, not to mention the double space thing. 😀

  10. Happy New Year Tamsin sounds like 2019 is to be an exciting one for you. Good luck.
    Your productivity never ceases to Impress long may it continue.

  11. Hi Tamsin - HAPPY NEW YEARS 2019!!!

    Just one small comment. You mentioned that you didn't play as much as you "should" have last year. If what you played made you happy, then that was the right amount. This is a hobby: there are no "should have dones" except what we impose on ourselves.
    Again I can only wish you the very best for a fun filled year to come.

  12. @ Curt - thanks! Hopefully I'll be settled in and in a position to entertain guests when you are over later this year :)

    @ Martin - cheers! :)

    @ Fran - thanks! :)

    @ Dave S - cheers! The double-space thing is something I've only recently become aware of, so breaking my old (bad?) habit will probably be quite tough :)

    @ Herkybird - thanks! :)

    @ Michael A - cheers! :)

    @ L'Empereur - merci! :)

    @ The Responsible One - thanks! It's over 20 years since I moved into my current home, and I have acquired a lot of things since then :)

    @ Stew - cheers! It was a productive year, all told :)

    @ Graham - thanks! :)