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Sunday, 26 February 2017

AHPC7 - Challenge Day 68 More SYW Russians WIP 6

"Shouldn't that be WIP 7?"

Well, it would be if I hadn't taken last night off from painting. I was feeling very tired and sleepy so judged that it was probably best not to do any painting.

Which does make this the 6th WIP day for this batch of Russians. I'm still feeling a bit tired and sleepy today, so progress has been a touch slower than hoped. But I have managed to get the two infantry regiments to within striking distance of being finished:

Once they're finished and varnished I'll be sticking them on bases, adding the gunk (also on the cuirassier bases) ready for dry-brushing and flocking on Monday morning. If I finish the infantry quickly enough, I'll try to finish the generals as well for the Monday submission.

Monday will also see me starting on the last two infantry regiments, which will probably be finished on Tuesday. I'll then need to work out what to paint next - 15mm Mongols, 6mm ACW, 28mm Salutesville gangs and civvies, something else...


  1. Why paint when you are tired? This is supposed to be fun, not work!

  2. @ Francis - indeed :)

    @ Jerry - and that's why I didn't paint on Friday night :)