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Wednesday, 1 February 2017

AHPC7 - Challenge Day 44 Russian Infantry WIP 6

Yippee! I've finished painting the second pair of infantry regiments. They still need varnishing, which I'll do later tonight. And the basing of course - I'll be starting that in a big batch on Friday evening along with my next batch of painting.

Yes, I'm going to be painting some artillery and wagons over the next couple of evenings. As you can see, I've made a start on the horses for the wagons and limbers. The crew and fusiliers will be a quick paint as will the guns, limbers and wagons. I'll be carrying on with the horses tonight and might even finish them.


  1. Looks like your a few turned out to be rather more you little devil LOL


  2. @ Michael A - yes indeedy m'Lord! :)

    @ Ray - where? ;)

    @ Dave D - izzy wizzy let's...? ;)

    @ Ian - but it is a few...for me at any rate! ;)