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Saturday, 18 February 2017

AHPC7 - Challenge Day 60 Koreans WIP 10

Have I really spent 10 days painting these? It seems that I have. And they were meant to be a quick paint job to rack some easy points up...

Yet another late start to this evening's painting session. I do seem to be suffering from painting fatigue, which isn't too surprising after nearly nine weeks of heavy duty painting.

Anyhoos, I've just about finished the infantry on the command bases - just the gold and steel highlights to do, started on the officers and done the hat tassels:

Tomorrow I've just got the 12 officers to finish painting, plus the four horses, I should get them done fairly quickly and get the Klear/ink coat on everything. If that dries early enough, I can touch up the bases and apply the ink wash. That will just leave drybrushing, matt varnish spray and flockign for Sunday.


  1. 10 days. Understandable the painter's fatigue.

  2. They look great - those drummers look really good, like the zig-zag Inn the drummers.

  3. Well done Tamsin!! They would have taken me more than 10 days, that's for sure!