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Thursday, 23 February 2017

AHPC7 - Challenge Day 65 More SYW Russians WIP 4

Note to self - must not get distracted by stuff on the TV and interwebs when I should be painting!

Yes, I allowed myself to get distracted this evening and so made a late start to painting and took a longish break midway. Nevertheless, I did make reasonable progress on the first two regiments of infantry and also did the green basecoats on the generals:

If I don't let myself get distracted tomorrow night I should be able to get the infantry finished apart from flags and varnishing. I can then finish them and probably finish the generals on Friday night. If things go really well at the weekend, I might be able to paint the other two regiments to completion - I'd forgotten I've got Monday and Tuesday booked off for annual leave which means I can do the basing on Sunday night rather than Saturday and still get them submitted in time.


  1. The internet can be a distracting mistress!

  2. hi Tamsin,
    Maybe your flirtation with the TV and Internet was a good thing. A word to the wise: never let what should be a diversion become a fixation. SO you watched a TV program. Did the world end? No. You relaxed for a bit and then went back to something which if I may reduce it to its essentials comes down to a grown woman playing with metal figures. Relax. Take an occasional stroll away from the painting table and don't obsess. In the end you will find you enjoy your life a lot more.