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Saturday, 4 February 2017

AHPC7 - Challenge Day 47 Russian Infantry WIP 9

Last night was frustrating but productive. In order to submit the artillery and wagons for Monday, I needed to get the crew and fusilier figures painted. Although there were fewer figures  (just 16) there were two different uniforms to deal with, which added to the complication. I did manage to finish them (apart from adding satin varnish to certain bits) but it involved me staying up until 4am. During some of the longer drying stages I also did a bit of work on the guns, limbers and wagons.

After a long lie-in, I did the satin varnish step this morning then got the horses, crew figures and fusiliers popped off sticks and glued onto bases (the guns, wagons and limbers will be added once the bases are flocked). After letting the superglue dry for a while I cracked on with adding gunk to the bases.

There was a bit of a scare towards the end - I thought I wouldn't have enough gunk and I'd just used the last of the brown ink I add to the mix - luckily I did have enough mixed up to do them all, but I will need to buy some more ink this week so that I'm ready for when I do the remainder of my SYW Russians.

This afternoon I've been working on the guns, limbers and wagons. They're all done now apart from varnishing - I'll give them a coat of matt spray tomorrow.

Tomorrow will see me busy drybrushing the bases, flocking them and then adding the guns, limbers and wagons, taking pics and drafting the submission.

After this, I'll take a break from the Russians and paint something else. It's going to be the Choson Korean regular troops as they should be a relatively quick and easy paint. As well as being a small points bomb.

For those that haven't looked in on the Painting Challenge blog today (and why haven't you? Tsk-tsk!) I have been doing guest minion duty over there to allow Curt time to sort out all the bonus round entries and to work on his own for posting tomorrow. Luckily it's been quite a light duty and I managed to get my minion post and three submissions scheduled last night for posting today.

And this is my 1000th post! Zoiks! That's the third of the three milestones that I said I'd do a joint prize draw for (750k page views and 5th blogiversary being the other two). Expect to see the prize draw post later this week when I've worked out what the prizes will be.


  1. Those pesky ruskies look great.
    Well done for more fab milestones. One cracking blog you have here.

  2. That looks like another monster paint bomb about to explode.