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Monday, 9 January 2017

AHPC7 - Challenge Day 20

I didn't make as much progress on the hussars today as planned, but that's because I decided to make a start on 39 Cossacks as well this morning. I've painted all the horses:

This evening I've been painting the first of the uniform colours - blue for the Novoserbskiy (shabraque, pelisse and sabretache) and green for the Slavianoserbskiy (shabraque, pelise, dolman and sabretache):

The base colours might look a bit bright, but the colour should darken after I've washed them. Then it's onto the red - dolmans for the Novoserbskiy and breeches for both, followed by a wash.

The London Underground strike is on tomorrow, so I'll be taking the day as annual leave - if I really puch things, I should get these chappies finished by the end of the day. Once they're complete I'll be able to work on the Cossacks. If I get them all done in time, that will be a nice points bomb for Monday!


  1. That's an awful lot of horse flesh Tamsin, wow!

  2. Tremendous output as ever. Well done - I do horse in batches of 16 and still take longer then you.

  3. @ Michael A - thanks m'Lord! :)

    @ Paul R - cheers! That was almost a full Sunday though :)