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Saturday, 2 July 2016

NSL Vehicle Reinforcements

I still haven't finished the last three supers - sorry! Hope to get them done tomorrow.

Yesterday evening I spotted something lurking on the floor to the side of my painting desk, part-way finished - my extra NSL hover vehicles. I also realised that I probably need them for the game of Gruntz I'm planning for the Scattergun Gamer when he pops into the club during his UK trip in just over a week. The only steps left were the basing and to do go over some bits with satin or gloss varnish.

I did the basing last night, at which point I remembered the note I wrote to myself when I did the previous batch of vehicles - to add the basing mix before priming and painting everything! Today I've brushed off the excess sand and grit (especially where it had got onto the plenum/skirt of vehicles), painted the basing texture, added some patches of static grass and done the spots of gloss/satin varnish.

Anyway, they're all done now. The colours didn't come out quite the same as the original batch of vehicles - I think I used less of the Hull Red for these and the camo colours airbrushed through mesh seem to show up better this time.

Righty-ho, pics time:

The batch

Recon tankette and light tank

Rommel medium tanks

Supply truck

Gauntlet close support vehicle

Gauntlet engineering vehicle

All my NSL hover vehicles:

The lights

The heavies
Well, that's enough for one post!


  1. Gotta love a hover tank. Top work

  2. They are terrific. I really do like the colour scheme you have selected.

  3. You must play some seriously big games to need that much armour! Given it's GZG that must weigh quite a bit too :-)

  4. Great work on the camo.



  5. Great looking camo on these beasties!
    Cheers, Ross

  6. Great models and a very cool camo sceme. reminds a bit of the Nato Camo sceme back in my time with the German Bundeswehr

  7. Very nice. They really do look the business.

  8. Great camo - good colour scheme.

  9. Very cool - I really like that engineering vehicle.

  10. I like those and the basing!

  11. @ Martin - cheers! Not as cool as grav tanks perhaps, but still cool :)

    @ Clint - thanks! :)

    @ Millsy - it's called being prepared for all eventualities. Oh, and it does weigh just a little bit :)

    @ Robert Foran - cheers! :)

    @ Pete - thanks! :)

    @ Ross - cheers! :)

    @ Markus - thanks! It seemed to be "right" for the Neu Swabian League :)

    @ Roy - cheers! :)

    @ Ray - thanks! :)

    @ Dannoc - cheers! :)

    @ Curt - thanks! The engineering vehicle was fun to build and paint - I'm sure I'll be able to find a use for it in some scenarios... :)

    @ Francis - cheers m'dear! :)