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Tuesday, 12 July 2016

I Only Went And Painted Something Else...

Last night's game of Gruntz with Scattergun Gamer (and sons) was great fun, but very chaotic. I will post a report tomorrow with some pics - I've had to ditch a load as they were blurry.

As it will be tomorrow at earliest that I start moving furniture into my hobby/painting room, I decided to do a quick paint job today. I remembered that I still had some SYW Russian musketeers primed, the ones where the bayonets had snapped off during prep. I had thought to paint them up as fusiliers of the artillery corps and base them as light infantry, but decided that it would make more sense to paint them for inclusion on artillery and limber bases and such-like. And there were only 10 figures, so I actually managed to get them fully painted today. Here are the results:

 As you will observe, there were two different fusilier uniforms in the artillery corps. The chaps in the red coats are fusiliers within the artillery batteries. The chaps in the light blue coats (and natty orange waistcoats!) are fusiliers from the separate regiments formed after the Observation Corps was disbanded. Most of the Observation Corps' infantry were incorporated into the artillery regiments to remove the need to draft in soldiers from the main infantry regiments. However, some were kept in separate fusilier regiments to act as escorts for the artillery supply train.

I'll be adding the red-coated chaps to artillery and limber bases; the blue-coated chaps will be added to wagon bases.

Anyway, tomorrow will be for assembling the last two bits of flat-pack furniture, going mad with power tools and moving furniture into the new hobby/painting room. In other words, no painting.


  1. Very nice too and some history to go with it. Top stuff my dear.

  2. A nice bit of colour Tamsin! And great use for broken spare figures!

  3. You're on fire at the moment, now just be careful with those power tools!

  4. A good painting session for sure