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Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Tuesday Update

I still haven't got round to finishing the remaining three supers, but should get onto them tomorrow evening.

I have, however, been getting some more SYW Russians ready for painting - four regiments of musketeers. They're on the painting sticks and sprayed with Halfords' red car primer:

I've also got some "spares" which will be painted up as artillery fusiliers. These are the ones where the bayonets have snapped off - it only seems to be a problem with this pose. I'm thinking of doing one as a fusilier from within the artillery regiments to add to a limber or gun base at some point when I expand the army; the rest will be from the fusilier regiment of the artillery corps, formed from the disbanded Observation Corps. There's a reason for that - their uniforms (according to Kronoskaf) were rather different - light blue coats, orange waistcoat, white breeches. I figure on basing them as light infantry on 15x30mm bases.

Once the supers are done I'll crack on with them. I'm debating whether to do the musketeers as two smaller batches or one large one. It all depends on how masochistic I feel I suppose!


  1. Dear Tamsin,
    Once again your productivity and talent are truly awe inspiring! What a wonderful project to do alongside of your super heroes. Well done!!

    PS: You are having fun, right?

  2. Look forward to seeing these evolve

  3. Keep going, Light blue orange and white sounds really striking! (Almost Gaudy)

  4. You'll have to let us know how you manage to paint so many figures in one go. I struggle with nine.

  5. And I haven't even finished my cavalry yet !

  6. @ Jerry - thanks! I am having fun :)

    @ David - they'll evolve much the same as my previous batches of SYW Russian infantry, just different flags ;)

    @ Clint - that's much as I thought. Very different to the rest of the foot :)

    @ Paul - they're 15mm! That's how I can paint so many at once :)

    @ Francis - cheers! It's one way of using up the rest of the figures :)

    @ Dannoc - tsh, tsh - crack on with those horsemen then! :)