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Sunday, 10 July 2016

WIP - More SYW Russian Infantry Day 4

So, after posting last night I carried on for a while and painted the flags. Then varnished the figures before leaving them overnight.

This morning in between juice and cereal, I popped them off the painting sticks and sorted them into groups for basing. At this point I dragged out the spare six figures in the "at ready" pose, left over from previous batches.

After having a bowl of cereal and starting on my first coffee of the day, I superglued the figures into place. After a couple of hours I added basing gunk (fine pumice gel tinted with some burnt umber ink). The gunk hasn't quite cured yet, so drybrushing and flocking will have to wait until tomorrow, probably in the morning.


I'll try to get better pics of the flags tomorrow when all the basing is finished.

Tomorrow night I've got a big game of Gruntz with Simon and the Scattergun Gamer and his sons. Should be fun - I'll be sure to take pics. I just need to spend some time sorting out the scenario, force lists and figures...